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Welcome to a brand new series in Singapore Uncensored, where I share my personal thoughts and feelings about several issues that I’ve faced and/or heard.

In today’s column, I will be sharing with you the struggles of people with mental health issues who were forced into a “solitude” of sorts, where human interaction was limited.

The early twilight hours can do strange things to a brain.

You hear each click of the minute hand on the clock, you see movements in the shadows. You do not recognize the echo of your own voice; you begin to think you are the only person left alive on earth.

I’m convinced there is a reason why most murders are committed at night.

You somehow feel a little more “woke” and aware of your surroundings, of your world. The world just feels different for those of us who come alive after dark. Namely the introverts and those who suffer from anxiety.

It’s more fragile and unreal – a replica of the one that everyone else inhabits.

The recent Circuit Breaker has only gone on to consolidate and solidify my claim; that prolonged solitude can be damaging to a person’s psyche and mental health.

For two months, the only people we had interactions with were our family.

And for those with existing mental issues, the ones with anxiety and depression – the prolonged solitude further deteriorated their mental well-being.

You wallow inside the chaos of your own mind, for 2 whole months, without the possibility of respite. You feel yourself slowly drowning in the proverbial sea of disarray, tumultuous with every wave.

And for me personally, the only respite I had, however brief, was the occasional outings to buy food. I could interact with someone other than my own family and that offered me an intermission.

But for the anxious ones, it comes with irony – a paradox of sorts.

You fear interaction but at the same time, subconsciously you know that you need it. Humans are social creatures; it’s deeply rooted in our DNA. But for the ones with anxiety, here comes the irony of it all – the very thing that you need scares you to death.

I haven’t figured out or discovered a solution to the problem, but I’m certain someday I’ll finally find the silver lining hiding behind these cumulonimbus clouds.

For every dark night, there’s a brighter day.