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Renting A Room? Yishun New Scammer. Buyer Beware


I saw a notice on FlatsDB.com for a little HDB unit at 771 Yishun Ave 3, #10-235, S760771. Reached the promoter Desmond Tan Yew Jin (S750XXXXE), Me and my companions chose to see the spot and he said the present occupant will move out by 23 April 2016 and we will have the capacity to move in by 1 May 2016. He even offered that he will paint the spot and even the sent us pictures later that he has changed the couch.


We in the end consented to a tenure arrangement to lease his property and paid a store of SGD1700. Three days before we should move, he rang guaranteeing he has been determined to have stage 4 malignancy(cancer) and given 6 months to live and even cried. Trusting him, we felt frustrated about him and he consented to return us our store in 2 days. The days passed and he stayed away forever the cash; we even went to his location and discovered him there and he just said he needs another 2 more days, the installment never happened and his portable number was in the end detached.

We continued to make a police (Report No: F/20160428/2183) and was told by the police to convey this to the Small Claims Tribunal. Desmond Tan never turned up for the hearing, and when the Court issued a request (Claim No: SCT/3325/2016) to support us for him to pay inside a month, he never paid a penny back to us. We got a property operator to check the responsibility for HDB property and it is in fact claimed by him.

When we did a reversal to his property, we found the occupant that should move out never left is still there. The inhabitant educated that he is just leasing 2 rooms and Desmond has kept one room bolted for himself. He said he was absolutely uninformed of Desmond’s activities to attempt to lease his entire unit while he was all the while involving the spot.

This entire procedure has brought on us superfluous trouble monetarily, push, and has been extremely tedious quite recently to get to this point. I share this with the goal that others don’t fall into the same trap laid out by Desmond Tan Yew Jin or others like him.

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