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She worked tirelessly to provide for the family, giving up her material comforts and forsaking her own needs to make sure her child has the best childhood that any kid could have. She always sought to put a smile on her child’s face, often at the cost of her own.

Some days are a little tougher than others, and she finds herself running out of money. But she always manages to sacrifice a meal here and a drink there so she could feed you and buy you whatever you wanted, because she loves you more than her own life and how could she bear to watch her little miracle starve or be unhappy? But such is the ferocity of a mother’s endless love, it knows no boundaries.

Some nights we spend partying outside from the early twilight hours until the breaking of dawn – she spends her evening making dinner so she can spend some quality time with you, she waits alone at the dinner table for you to return home until the sun dies away and the food starts getting cold, and when she realizes that you won’t be coming home for the night, she reluctantly tucks into the food she lovingly prepared for you while constantly wondering if you’ve eaten.

On the lucky day where she gets to be within the same breathing space as you, she sits in silence as she watches you fiddling with your phone with a wide grin on your face, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and whatnot. Feeling left out and in a bid to get more involved in your life, she creates her own Facebook and Instagram accounts and adds you online, but you leave her request hanging.
Ignorant as we are, sometimes we remain oblivious and blind to such noble powers. And as we grow up, we start spending more time with our friends and start neglecting her. We fail to realise that as we dive nose deep into the murky waters of adulthood, our mothers are growing old as well.

I think it’s apt that we paid tribute to the greatest human we know, our mothers – and appreciate how magnanimous, unselfish, noble, virtuous and self-sacrificing our mothers are, as well as everything they’ve given up for us.