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14 Year Old Girl Spend Night In Another Guys House, Jealous BF end up in a bloody fight.

teckmainZhang Jin Wei, 19, was irate that his 14-year-former sweetheart had spent the night at the place of another kid, Jiang Ze Xin. A meeting was orchestrated to settle the debate.


Be that as it may, Jin Wei wound up being hospitalized after the meeting went amiss. A 28-year-old man was likewise harmed in the showdown.

As indicated by the Shin Min Daily News, Jin Wei met Ze Xin, 18, at a badminton court close Block 115 Teck Whye Lane on Sunday (May 29) evening.

“I needed to clear up matters however before I could even talk, I was whipped by Ze Xin and his dad,” Jin Wei told the Chinese night day by day.

TeckWhyeLove03_SM_0“I am still appended (to the 14-year-old young lady). She ought not have gone to Ze Xin’s home and spend a night there.”


The senior Jiang, who went with his child to the meeting, was furnished with a bamboo post which he used to beat Jin Wei and the 28-year-old man, Yang Zi Yi.

Ze Xin’s ex, Miss Huang, 19, told Shin Min Daily News that Ze Xin had been going behind her back with the 14-year-old young lady.

Prior to the episode, they had dated for six months. Amid that time, she got pregnant.

“I at first anticipated a fetus removal, yet Ze Xin guaranteed me that he will assume liability. Our families even met to talk about marriage arrangements,” Miss Huang told Shin Min Daily News.

“Be that as it may, when I was five-months pregnant, he declined to assume liability. I later found that he undermined me twice, and one of them is the 14-year-old young lady.”


TeckWhyeLove02_SM_0The 14-year-old young lady was dating both Ze Xin and Jin Wei.

“My 28-year-old companion was at the scene. He thought something was awry and attempted to stop the battle, yet Ze Xin and his dad mixed up him as helping the other party and he was beaten all the while,” included Miss Huang in the report.

Yang Zi Yi, 28, who was likewise hospitalized, told Shin Min Daily News: “I ventured forward to stop the battle.

“All of a sudden, the Ze Xin’s dad remarked on my tattoos and began hitting me with a bamboo shaft for around three times,” the tattoo craftsman said.

“My nose was dying. Indeed, even now, regardless I feel unwell. Both of my elbows and head harms.”

Zi Yi added that he purposes to sue Ze Xin.

Neighbors told Shin Min Daily News that Ze Xin’s mom called the police after she learnt of the battle including her significant other and child, and the police were on-scene in 15 minutes.

Ze Xin and his dad then fled the scene, leaving the bamboo shaft on the floor.

Jin Wei was warded in the healing center for one night for his wounded left eye, and got eight join to one side eyelid.

A SCDF representative told Shin Min Daily News that two men were sent to the healing facility for facial wounds.


The police additionally affirmed with the Chinese night day by day that a 18-year-old man was captured on charges of deliberately bringing about appalling hurt.

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