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A young man shared his encounters with a woman that is much older than him.


Here is the story:

Hi I’m 21(M) and I was matched with a 44(F) in the dating app and I was there for fun. So we met up after a few chats.

3 months later I went to her place and I spent a night with her. I’m surprised she is so good in bed.I thought women at her age passed childbearing, so I dared to do it. Now I regretted it because she told me she was pregnant a month plus later. I suggested her to go for an abortion because I am not ready to start a family, and since she is older than me, she should be able to pay for the abortion.

She got angry with me and stopped contacting me thereafter.

I got to know a few days ago she didn’t go for an abortion, and she is pregnant with my twins. What shall I do? To get back in touch with her again? I still not ready to start a family, especially with a woman much older than me.


Here is what netizens think:

  • Nicely done. U had your fun and then U decided to walk away and let her handle the abortion fees.U are 21, U are too young to start a family. I can already see your future going down the drain.I believe the logical thing to do is not to get married, but be there for the twins when they are born. No one says you have to be a husband, but U definitely need to fulfill the role of a father to provide.Lastly, there are other holes to upload your shit if U really dun want to be a father. Please exercise some self control, it’s becoz of people like U that some kids will grow up unhappy and become rebellious.

So you did it with someone old enough to be your mother, and because of you she’s going to be mother to a pair of twins young enough to be her grandchildren…

  • Boy,one moment of shiok dong dong give u life time of seow ding dong.You will live with the stigma forever in your life
  • If I’m you, I will get back with her cos I will not have to worry about her getting pregnant during her pregnancy period.
  • She can sue you for child support and you will be financially impoverished for the next 21 years! And at 44, she is at risk of pregnancy complication or giving birth to baby with special needs.
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