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3 Singaporean Selected To be AV Stars!

12729185_1042343155824279_5265873899943277613_nTokyo-based AV maker 夢精スタジオannounced that three Singaporean candidates were fruitful after the most recent round of tryouts for male JAV parts hung on March 25, 2016. The first round, which occurred in Singapore in September 2015, neglected to recognize any suitable new ability after just a modest bunch of on-screen characters came. 夢精スタジオ’s CEO, Mr Katsuo Ayumu, shared his positive perspective on the prospects for future enrollment from Singapore.


“As we’ve seen at this most recent round of tryouts, Singaporean men have what it takes to be fruitful as a JAV performer.” Mr Ayumu noticed that while there was a considerable measure of open enthusiasm for trying out; just a little number of men could go through the strict screening process. “We needed to sift through the potential candidates so that just the cream of the yield would come,” he said. “Consequently, we actualized a test of rationale and IQ to guarantee just the most smart performers could go to.” Mr Ayumu went ahead to clarify this included a riddle, which, when understood effectively, would yield the web location of a video with directions of where tryouts would be held. “Of course, the lion’s share of invested individuals misconstrued the guidelines and were diverted to a music video of an eighties one hit wonder. Just a little number of the most skilled men accurately illuminated the riddle and went to the tryout.”

At the tryouts, the candidates were put through a progression of testing pretend circumstances, like what they might confront working in the JAV business. “We brought more than one of our most famous female performing artists, who is normally thrown in a dominatrix part,” said Mr Ayumu. “The men trying out needed to go about as her slave and serve as her own latrine. It was entirely diverting to watch.” Some men dropped out as of right now, while others rose to the event. “The life of a male JAV performing artist is harder than what it shows up,” said Mr Ayumu. “Be that as it may; we were fulfilled by the execution of three men, and we’ve offered them an agreement to act in a forthcoming JAV title set in a Kabukichō soapland.” 夢精スタジオ is set to come back to Singapore in May 2016 for a further round of male tryouts.

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