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31-year-old Tan Qiu Yan, who was previously charged on 5 November with the murder of her father, will be remanded 3 more weeks for further psychiatric observation, as of 2 December.


She is being accused of murdering her adoptive father in a 15th-floor unit at Block 190A Rivervale Drive between 8pm on 3 November to 5.25am on 4 November.

Tan, who is unrepresented, appeared in court earlier today via a video feed, wearing a white coloured t-shirt and a blue mask.

The prosecutor for the police said that an Institute of Mental Health doctor requested for her to be remanded for a further 3 more weeks for psychiatric observation, which was approved by District Judge Terence Tay.

She will be further remanded at the Changi Women’s Prison, and she is set to return to court on 23 December – if convicted of murder, she faces the death penalty.



On 4 November, the Police were seen at Block 190A, Rivervale Drive, Sengkang for a case of homicide.

Shin Min Daily News reported that the incident took place in a four-room flat earlier today (4th November 2022). Police officers were seen sealing off the scene and preventing people from entering or leaving the area.

The daughter is suspected of killing her father.

A female resident told Shin Min Daily News that she heard noises from late last night to earlier today.

The Police arrived at around 7 AM today (Nov 11) morning to investigate.


8world reported that Police officers were searching the garbage chute of the block, at least 3 police cars were on the scene and officers were seen conducting an investigation.

A 31-year-old woman has been arrested.

The offence of murder carries the death penalty. Police investigations are ongoing.

Netizens who saw the news were quickly reminded of a similar case which took place at Yishun where a 19-year-old is accused of murdering his father in Yishun.

Fighting over money, housework & flat ownership

The deceased’s nephew, 33-year-old Mr Lee, spoke to TODAY and said that he heard about the victim and his daughter fighting over money that was left behind by the victim’s late wife, the ownership of the flat and doing housework.

Lee said that his uncle would share how his daughter doesn’t even know how to do things like using the washing machine or cook for herself, and refused to learn.

The victim’s brother-in-law, 73-year-old Ng Swee Meng, also spoke to TODAY, saying that he rushed down after receiving a call from his wife about what happened.

He said that the victim retired from being a butcher after suffering a small stroke some years ago, as he suffered some paralysis and wasn’t as strong as he was before.

That was also the main reason why he (the victim) wanted to teach his daughter how to do household chores so she could be independent if his health worsened.

Parents loved & doted on her

The nephew shared that the victim and his wife had adopted the girl when she was a baby because they couldn’t have kids of their own, and they doted on their daughter and treated her like a princess.


He also added that they would prepare food and do everything for her, “that’s why I’m shocked and also furious., they raised her well for so many years, how can she do this?’

Lee also added that the woman would “change jobs like she would change clothes,” and that she didn’t like it if her supervisor gave her more work to do.

He added that she would hide inside her room during Chinese New Year visitations at their home.

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