245323445432TLDR – Don’t allow bullies/abusers to intimidate you, always take a video and call the police in bad situations and hopefully you won’t end up injured like me.

Story time –
This crazy middle-aged fellow has been flinging away wet cat food at the sheltered walkway of my area, on the roof of the shelter as well as the carpark. He’s been doing this for almost a year now and the community feeders had to clean up his mess to prevent residents from complaining about the mess and the smell as well preventing pest from coming to eat the mess.

Yesterday I was notified that the crazy man was walking towards my block’s sheltered walkway so I went down to try and stop him or at least take a video of him. When I got down, he was at the top of the stairs, flinging food and water down the stairs, creating his mess again. I started taking videos and followed him to the next spot that he was going to do his dirty deed and he threw the cat food and water AT ME siao kia. Then he punched me in the face and we struggled cause he wanted to grab my phone. There was a bunch and push and pulling and he pushed against a car, kicked and managed to grab hold of my phone as a fell on my right and dislocated my right shoulder.

+I kept following him and demanded for my phone back but he refused and threatened to punch me again if I try to take it back, luckily Jerlyyn came in time and called the police and a nice macik called up her family for some help. Once he realised that the police was coming he kept walking towards blk 576 and out to the carpark, in hopes to lose me and run away with my phone of evidence.

Then he passed me back my phone and said “stop following me or I will punch you”, and obviously home boy here didn’t stop following him and told him to go ahead and punch me but well he didn’t LOL. Then he tried to go back home and I tried to stop him, and he was roughing me out and trying to go after Jerlyyn because she was taking a video of his violence.

He managed to go back up but the police was here and they went up to get him. By the time they handcuffed him down, I was already on an ambulance to TTSH to get my shoulder fixed, hooray me.

Last update from the police at 3am was that he’s still in custody but I won’t know what will happen to this case until the IO rings me up. Hopefully I did not dislocate my shoulder in vain and that the police will do something about this. Also, this is not the first time he has threatened someone or have someone called the police on him, he has a record and the police knows it. Other residents have also mentioned that he did add weird substance into the water bowl or plastic bag that the cats drink from in hopes to poison them.

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CRAZY 'BANANA' OLD MAN THROW CAT FOOD AND FIGHTStory: https://www.singaporeuncensored.com/32493-2/

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He has also gone down to the AMK TC to complain about cats and cat feedings numerous times, throwing at fit at the office. He fought and argue with another community feeder at the area and thinks that shes the ‘Mistress’ and people like me are being ‘paid’ by her to do this. Joke.