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A netizen shared how his best friend is immature and acting like a child, and that he is growing tired of him.


Here is the story

I’m growing tired of my best friend.

We met in secondary school and he was my best friend every since. We had a lot to talk about despite our differences. Over the last few years, I find myself getting increasingly irritated by his lack of maturity. We are both 35 now and bro I’m seriously sick of your horrible lack of general knowledge and growing-up.

You can’t even speak clearly. Your words are always so vague. You run away from commitments. Your mum does everything for you. You get upset with a little bit of criticism. You can’t treat your girlfriend right.

The time you caused a split in our group bcus you spilled a secret that you were specifically instructed not to tell. What’s the deal man?! Is it you want to be hero?


The times you twisted a story and made me look bad in front of your parents bcus you didn’t want to face the music.

The time we went on a double date and your sister called to say your parents are fighting and ignoring each other. You abandoned your gf to rush home. For what?! What can you do even if you go home?! My wife and I feel so sorry for the girl. When we hang out all you know is talk. You talk and talk and talk. I see your gf ordering the food, getting the utensils and sauces and paying the bill. I wanted to smack you on the head man.

The time we went to eat Korean bbq and you poured the raw meat over a pile of cooked meat. When our mutual friend nagged at you for it, you couldn’t take it. To be honest. You deserved it.

The time one of our friends said he is into architecture lego and you burst out laughing insulting that legos are for children. You said the only legos you know are those big bricks for kids. You didn’t know there are legos in the shape of worldly landmarks. Isn’t that general knowledge?

The time you said the bto in clementi is only 100k. I’m not sure what world you are living in.


It’s OK to not know stuff but instead of brushing up on your general knowledge, you spend all your time reading love novels.

The time when I said I needed to buy a bulb because the one at home blew. You said to call and electrician. Not sure this is lack of general knowledge or common sense. I’m guessing your mum does everything for you to the point you never had to take care of anything. You don’t even buy your own shaver.

Due to your very poor general knowledge  I have to stop every 5 mins in our conversations to explain things to you. I was okay with that in the past but I’m getting tired. You have the general knowledge of a 10 year old.

For all the times you blamed everyone instead of yourself. Hey. It’s never your problem right?

You make reference to Disney characters maybe a quarter of the time. Don’t get me wrong. I’m like Disney too.

The time your gf had enough of you and broke up with you. You called me and said the girl must have been brainwashed to break up with you. Seriously?? Brainwashed?? I think she had been brainwashed to stay so long with you lol. Instead of looking in the mirror you trash your gf the first chance you got?

You cna never be trusted to do anything. You have no sense of responsibility. You have never taken care of anyone or anything.

You colleagues are so nice to pick up after you screwed the projects. Most people who have been fired.

There is so much more…

You need to grow up man. You have lost all your friends. No one wants to talk yo you. No one wants to hang out with you. Your ignorance is just unbelievable. Don’t make me leave you too. I’m getting tired of you.


Revently I get frustrated everytime I talk to you. I really try very hard to not to. What should I do?

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