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5 Things To Know Before Getting A Credit Card In Singapore


A credit card is just another form of electronic payment. The difference is you pay later. Sounds easy right? The credit card company pays on behalf of you and bills it back to you at the end of the month. But do you really need the credit card? This few tips will help you know if you should get one.


1. The benefits of a credit card

Credit cards comes with various advantages. In the first place and maybe most critical, a charge card is a decent device to help you fabricate your credit. Great credit can help you get future advances — like a home loan—and good interest rates. It can likewise help you get affirmed for a loft or mobile phone, maintain a strategic distance from utility stores and get big discounts on certain insurance premiums.

Beside credit-building, charge cards have numerous different advantages. Many cards offer money or travel rewards, by and large somewhere around 1% and 2% of your price tag. A few cards have shopping or travel benefits that will spare you cash, similar to buy assurance, value security, maintenance agreement, rental auto protection and then some. A few cards have 0% enthusiasm on buys or adjust exchanges for 12 to year and a half. When you get a card, check your advantages articulation for points of interest.

2. What are the risk?

There are a large group of potential charge card expenses you may need to pay, yet a significant number of them are effectively stayed away from. Here are the most widely recognized expenses:

Yearly expense:

Charged on most secured and certain unsecured Visas. For unsecured cards, yearly expenses are frequently charged on high-esteem rewards cards. You can maintain a strategic distance from them by getting a card without a yearly charge, however in the event that you’re spending is sufficiently high, an expense card may net you higher prizes.


Overseas exchange expense:

Charged at whatever point you make a buy abroad, regularly somewhere around 3% and 4% of your buy. To keep away from this charge, you can get a Mastercard without outside exchange expenses. In the event that you ever travel abroad, you ought to completely have a card without these charges and ideally with an EMV chip.

Late installment expense:

Charged on the off chance that you don’t pay at any rate the base installment by the due date on your financial record, commonly around $35. Maintain a strategic distance from this by continually making your installments on time.

When you cross your credit limit:

Charged if your adjust surpasses your credit restrain. You need to pick into this charge, per the Credit CARD Act of 2009. Remember that on the off chance that you pick not to select into this expense, your buys might be rejected at the enlist on the off chance that you go over your point of confinement.

3. Discipline To Pay What You Spend.

Are you a discipline person that always pay your bills on time? This is very much different from your regular phone bills. You might incurred debt if you are unable to pay back what you spend. Almost all credit cards come with high interest rates.

Some people get drunk and overspend in the bar. The prices of alcohol in singapore are not cheap.


Also can you control what you buy. It’s easy to buy and pay later. When the bill comes, alot of people that use credit card are faced with bill shocked.

4. How monthly minimum payment is calculated?

A base installment is the littlest measure of cash you can pay every month without harming your installment history and bringing about a late installment charge. There are a couple of various techniques for computing least installments, however here are the essential two:

Rate technique: Your guarantor may ascertain your base installment in view of a rate of your adjust. This is by and large somewhere around 1% and 3%. So in the event that you have an adjust of $2,000 and the base installment is 2% of your adjust, you’ll need to pay at least $40 to remain on favorable terms.

Rate + intrigue + expenses strategy: Your guarantor may likewise take a rate of what you owe in addition to any relevant intrigue and charges. Suppose you have a $1,000 adjust and a loan cost of 18%, and you pay late. Your guarantor may charge you a base installment of the total of 1% on your adjust ($10), your advantage accumulated ($14.79) and a late installment expense ($35). Your base installment for this situation would be $59.79.

On the off chance that your adjust is generally low, you might be required to pay a level least installment, which ordinarily runs from $25 to $35 a month. However, we generally suggest that you pony up all required funds by the due date.

5. Bottom Line

Have knowledge of the product before getting the card. Every credit card company comes with different policies. Sometimes it’s worth the rewards if you are able to pay it back. But always think again before you swapped the card.

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