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Volocopter, a pioneering German urban air mobility company, has encountered a significant hurdle in its ambitious plan to launch air taxi operations in Singapore. The anticipated launch, initially scheduled for early to mid-2024 in the Marina Bay area, has been indefinitely delayed due to the company’s inability to secure local funding partners.


Reasons for Delay

The delay can be attributed to multiple factors, primarily the challenges associated with securing funding partners locally. Volocopter acknowledged the global economic uncertainties, which have made fundraising a more arduous task. The company also highlighted the complexities of adapting or constructing new infrastructure, route and regulatory planning, and the development of a robust digital network in the cities where they plan to operate. reported Straits Times.

Revised Strategy

Despite the setback, Singapore will remain Volocopter’s Asia-Pacific headquarters. The company is actively seeking local cost-sharing partners and reevaluating its launch timeline. This strategic revision is essential for adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of urban air mobility.

Volocity: The Air Taxi Craft


At the heart of Volocopter’s vision is the Volocity, an air taxi craft designed for efficient urban transportation. With its electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) capabilities, Volocity can seamlessly transport small numbers of passengers over short distances. This innovative approach aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and efficient modes of urban transportation.

Initial Plans for Marina Bay Launch

Volocopter initially announced its plans for air taxis in 2022, with the Marina Bay area as the designated launch location. The original timeline aimed for early to mid-2024. However, the company has encountered unforeseen challenges, prompting a reevaluation of its global business strategy.

Fundraising Challenges

Volocopter’s leadership foresaw the fundraising challenges on a global scale, considering the economic uncertainties prevailing at the time. The company recognized the need for cities to adapt or construct new infrastructure, engage in meticulous route and regulatory planning, and establish a robust digital network – factors that contributed to the need for strategic adjustments.


Regulatory Framework

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, in collaboration with regional counterparts, has been actively developing a comprehensive framework for safety rules and standards governing air taxi and drone operations since November. This collaborative effort is crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient integration of urban air mobility into Singapore’s airspace.

Urban Air Mobility Ecosystem

Volocopter emphasized the necessity of a complete urban air mobility ecosystem for the successful operation of a flying taxi service in Singapore. This ecosystem encompasses not only the air taxi craft but also the essential infrastructure and connectivity. However, due to varying circumstances and partnerships, Volocopter couldn’t specify the exact financial requirements for air taxi operations in Singapore.

Funding Sources

To date, Volocopter has successfully raised approximately €500 million (S$730.6 million) through five fundraising rounds. These funds are earmarked for overall operations, including research and development, certification, and preparation for the commercial launch of their air taxi services. In light of the challenges faced in Singapore, Volocopter is exploring alternative financing methods to ensure the continued advancement of their groundbreaking technologies.


In conclusion, the indefinite delay in launching air taxi operations in Singapore marks a pivotal moment for Volocopter. The company’s commitment to prioritizing cities that can accelerate the necessary aspects of urban air mobility demonstrates its adaptability in the face of challenges. The dynamic nature of the aviation industry, coupled with the global economic landscape, necessitates continuous strategic reassessment.

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