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I have been working with a company for five years. I am very grateful for my job and the opportunities it has given me.


Recently, I have been experiencing major burnout and am on the verge of quitting and getting another job.

Our management is not the best, we’ve had to get at least 4 new store managers in the time I have been there, there’s a lot of favouritism and people getting involved with each other but that’s beside the point.

Anyways, I am a cashier, I started out as a cashier, then got promoted to money services/customer service within the first year of my being there. I was involved with their pickup when it was there, and I learned the layaway layout when it was available.

At one point in the 5 years, I applied for a management position for the front end and I didn’t get it but I learned a lot since then.

*the situation

I have covered lunches and full shifts for our managers before. It bothers me, considering that I am not “trained to be a manager” and I am not getting a manager’s paycheck. When I do cover it’s for emergencies, like “no coverage.” and I usually don’t mind because I know how to handle situations well, I know procedures, I know policies, the cashiers respect me and I overall feel comfortable taking on the leadership role.

On the day (today) I am calling in there is no front-end manager scheduled (it was probably the day assigned to the one on vacation.) I work 3 pm-12am, there is another cashier who sometimes helps out who can help me from 11am-8pm.

I literally had to find out myself that no one was scheduled that day. And when I confronted one of my managers about it, asking who was going to cover, they said “oh didn’t they tell you, they were gonna tell you to do it”

They were just going to dump that information the day of, and they expected me to be okay with covering.

I am not okay with it because I feel I deserve to be asked ahead of time and feel like I have the choice to say yes or no. In this situation, they are just assuming that I will be okay with covering. There are more responsibilities with being a manager than being a cashier, and I am not even getting paid more for it. (Money isn’t the issue, because I have covered it before when they have asked.)

It was just really upsetting that they expect me to just be okay with them taking advantage of me, and whenever I need help or favour they won’t help me back. They take advantage of the fact that I know what to do and the procedures and everything.

And I know for a fact that there isn’t any other cashier that day (today) that will be able to cover, except for that cashier who is there for 11-8 but I know she won’t stay till 12.

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