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Saturday, November 26, 2022


I left my drunk brother-in-law sleeping on the streets.


A preface that this is on mobile so the layout and spelling will be rife with mistakes, soz.

So I am a local man (32) and my soon-to-be wife is a Vietnamese woman. There is a family dynamic in her parent’s house of heavy drinking and gambling with her uncles and parents and cousins etc which I would say has negatively affected my BIL who lives at home with them (23). Also side note, me and my partner live a 5 minute walk from her parent’s house.

One night I woke up to faint muttering outside at around 3 am. I think I’m hearing things and try to go back to sleep and then I hear a quiet bang from the kitchen. I get out of bed, convinced we’re being robbed and I go downstairs mentally and physically prepared to confront, what I thought, were potential criminals. But no, my BIL was in my kitchen, steaming drunk, having a heart-to-heart with a cousin stealing the emergency key we left with my MIL and letting himself into my house.

I’m mad of course and ask him wtf he’s doing in my house and he said he needed a break from his mums house and needed to unwind in a quiet place. Adrenaline was still pumping for me but I said fine whatever just keep the noise down cos my daughters asleep and lock up when you leave.


30 minutes later, loud clattering and loud talking from the kitchen. It’s 330am at this point and my patience is wearing thin I go down and I say to him that he has to leave now, he’s overstayed his welcome. He’s still absolutely smashed of his face and says he’s on his way out.

I go back to bed and not 5 minutes later he comes stumbling into my bedroom! Bare in mind I’m in bed in my boxers and his sister is in bed with me butt ass naked. At this point I’m absolutely furious and I demand he leaves right now or he’ll be escorted.

BIL is well known for being an uncontrollably emotional and aggressive drunk man (his parents have called me up to help them settle him down multiple times in the past but still insist he joins in the socialising and drinking) He then proceeds to shout “I let you f*** my sister but you can’t let me hang out in your house!?”. I’m seeing red at this point and basically tell him to watch his mouth with disrespect to the mother of my child and your own sister. The guy whips off his shirt for reasons you can probably guess.

Long story short, I remove him from my house and left him in the street.

It’s been a couple of days and I haven’t heard from him in the form of an apology or anything else although MIL has contacted my wife to demand I apologise for leaving her inebriated son in the street at 4am which I’ve refused to do.


My wife agrees with my actions but believes I’m being a bit of an AH for not cooperating in repairing the tension between our family and my in laws.

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