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I (f,24) have a really good job in a company I won’t name for privacy reasons.

The job is in the field I studied in university and have a degree in. I’ve been working for the company for a year and it’s been very smooth.

Lately, my team and I have been putting in some extra work due to a team member moving away. Now her position is open and my supervisor said that we are welcome to put in any recommendations for the position.

She made it clear not to just throw recommendations around, though as she is busy and only has time for interviews if we are confident that the person we are recommending would be a good fit for the position.


The other day I was on FaceTime with my friend who I’ve known for about 5 years.

Somewhere in the conversation, I mentioned that work was becoming harder due to my former teammates leaving. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. She asked if I could recommend her for the position because she wants to get out of her current job.

I lied and told her I’m pretty sure my supervisor already has someone in mind and she pushed for me to recommend her anyway.

There are a few reasons I don’t think that would be a good idea.

  1. the position requires either a degree in the field or relevant work experience. She has neither. She does waitressing and I’m not trying to dismiss waitressing as a non-valid work experience because I think it is. It’s just that my company specifically would not accept that as relevant experience for the position.
  2. She does not have the best professional skills. She routinely no-shows on job interviews and just overall doesn’t conduct herself in a very professional manner when required. An example is that I brought her to a work party for my previous job and all she did was talk about alcohol and men she wanted to hook up with in front of everyone. It did not give me a good look.
  3. She wants the job for the wrong reasons. She doesn’t have any passion for the company or position but just wants out of her current job and likely thinks working with me would be cool.

I thought about just putting her name into my supervisor cause I don’t think she would get called in for an interview but on the off-chance that she does, I’m not confident that it would go well and my supervisor made it clear not to waste her time with interviews unless they’re a strong candidate. I don’t want to risk anything bad coming back on me when I’ve been working really hard to demonstrate my skills so I can be considered for the next promotion.


She has asked me a couple more times to recommend her but I keep telling her that my supervisor has someone else in mind.

Should I just put her name in and see if it goes well? Thanks!

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