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Nicholas Amet Wen Cai, 31-years-old was sentenced on September 7 to four weeks of jail for one charge of voluntarily causing hurt.

He reportedly headbutted an opponent during an amateur football match, causing him to fall to the ground and faint after losing too much blood.

Amet was the team captain as well as coach for his football team, named FC138, whom he led out in a football match against Ranger United at East Spring Secondary School last year, on February 17.

A heated argument broke out five minutes before the game ended, when Amet’s teammate committed a foul.

Both teams’ players started pushing each other in the field and Amet was trying to protect his teammates by pushing away the players from Ranger United.

A Ranger United goalkeeper then ran towards the group and “jump-kicked” one of the FC138 players, and the fight got worse, that was when Amet and the Victim, 34-year-old Yang Yan Hua, started swearing, pushing and shoving each other.

Amet then headbutted the victim, causing him to fall down. Yang then started bleeding profusely and fainted.

Amet and his teammates then fled the football field.

The police arrived after being alerted to the fight and found the victim unconscious, he then woke up shortly after and was admitted to hospital with a nasal bone fracture, swelling and eyebrow laceration.

Amet admitted to headbutting the victim with the intention to hurt because he was “feeling angry and agitated in the heat of the moment” as Yang was “standing close to him”.

For voluntarily causing hurt, he could have been jailed for up to two years, fined up to S$5,000, or both.

brawl during amateur match at East Spring Secondary

SINGAPORE: Two men were hospitalised after suffering injuries during a brawl which broke out at an amateur friendly football game at East Spring Secondary School on Sunday afternoon (Feb 17).A police spokesperson said they were alerted at around 5pm on Sunday to a case of voluntarily causing hurt. The spokesperson added that the two men in their 30s were both conscious when they were taken to Changi General Hospital.The friendly match was between FC138, the team who wore red jerseys, and Ranger United, the team who wore grey-black jerseys.The referee for the match, Mr Mustafa Kamal, told Channel NewsAsia that the fight was sparked by an incident five minutes before the end.Mr Mustafa, who is a freelance referee, said that during a stoppage in play, a Ranger United player executed a “flying kick” on an opponent.The incident sparked a fracas between players on the field, as well as substitutes on the sidelines, Mr Mustafa added.“It all kicked off then and I tried to stop the fight but couldn’t. So I just stepped away and told the field warden to call the police,” said Mr Mustafa.For one of the players who was taken to hospital, Mr Mustafa said he was “violently headbutted” by an opponent.“He was hit at the point between his eye and forehead. There was so much blood, and he was shaking while lying on the ground. It took some time for him to calm down,” he added.The player with the bloodied face appeared in a video of the mass brawl that has since gone viral on social media and WhatsApp. Mr Mustafa said that the match was tense overall, with the players pushing and shoving one another throughout. He added that a Ranger United player also elbowed an opponent 20 minutes from the end of the game.Mr Mustafa said the fight stopped when around a dozen police officers arrived at the scene.

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