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Amos Yee Is Going To Jail Again

hahaSINGAPORE: Teenage blogger Amos Yee, who was imprisoned a year ago to make hostile comments against Christianity and posting revolting pictures on the web, was charged in the State Courts on Thursday (May 26).


The 17-year-old was captured on May 11 and discharged on safeguard of S$5,000.

ive of the charges Yee appearances are for professedly injuring the religious sentiments of Muslims, and one for supposedly injuring the religious sentiments of Christians. These charges are under Section 298 of the Penal Code.

The other two charges are for supposedly neglecting to appear at Jurong Police Division on two events, regardless of a notification from Assistant Superintendent of Police Doreen Chong and a judge’s request to do as such. These charges are under Section 174 of the Penal Code.

Delegate Public Prosecutor Kelvin Kow requested that the judge settle an early trial date, taking note of that Yee is “clearly raising his hostile conduct in an offer to pick up consideration”, including that Yee “has increased both the beat and obnoxiousness of his posts”.


While the indictment did not protest Yee being out on safeguard, DPP Kow additionally solicited the judge to caution Yee from the potential outcomes in the event that he confers further offenses while out on safeguard.

To that, Yee reacted: “If the indictment demands, no issue.”

Yee was not spoke to by a legal advisor, but rather said he would “give a valiant effort” to discover one.

On the off chance that indicted intentionally injuring the religious sentiments of others, Yee faces up to three years’ prison and a fine. He likewise confronts up to a month’s correctional facility and a fine of up to S$1,500 for neglecting to answer to the Jurong Police Division notwithstanding a request.

The pre-trial meeting has been set for next Monday, May 30, 9.30am.

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