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Are Singaporean’s Fun Or Too Uptight? Read This If You Think You Are A…


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Dear SU,

As a Singaporean that been to half the world myself i notice that most Singaporeans get irritated easily by social annoyances that most people will ignore in other countries. Many of our local adults care too much about how other people do things and will always comments others for being inconsiderate and thoughtless.

I graduated from SMU but i have never look down on others when certain jokes are made. Singaporean’s Funny? Most of us are not “funny Singaporeans” We look down on what they see as silly, immature behavior. Sometimes i think is important to loosen up and just laugh at what’s out there and enjoy the day.

One of the biggest aspects of Singaporeans is most of us are overly controlled and generally have to be well-behaved among each other so when it comes to loosening up we have trouble enjoying ourselves.

All this aspects has lead to many of us being too serious and stress! This way we not only open ourselves to more opportunities and we become more socially success!

-Your average Singapore ah beng