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Army Regular found dead in Sembawang Camp of Gunshot wound!


An examination demonstrated that 20-year-old Pravinraj Selvaraj had likely put his rifle in his mouth before pulling the trigger.


The request heard Pravinraj was determined to have wretchedness and intense anxiety response by therapists from the Institute of Mental Health in August and September 2011. Both circumstances, the family issues was cited as the reason.

Pravinraj, whose guardians are separated and has two more youthful siblings, had a strained association with his family, the court listened. After his demise, his mom conceded that Pravinraj had “longed for family fondness yet neither got it from her nor (his dad)”.

Amid a meeting in 2013, Pravinraj’s director said the teenager had communicated enthusiasm for marking on as a sign on serviceman, and had approached if lodging could be provided. Pravinraj’s companions told examiners he now and again rested at void decks and staircase arrivals, because of family issues.

On the morning of Nov 21, 2015, Pravinraj and his accomplice were issued rifles after revealing for watch obligation at Sembawang Camp. The match were additionally given two magazines, one stacked and one purge.


At 2.30pm, Pravinraj said he needed to utilize the latrine. His accomplice sat tight outside for around 10 minutes before shouting to Pravinraj, who said he required additional time.

After two minutes, the accomplice listened “a noisy blast” and kept running into the can, yelling for Pravinraj. There was no reaction. He saw bloodstains on the roof and quickly alarmed his superior.

The police and Singapore Civil Defense Force were brought in, and they opened the work area way to discover Pravinraj drooped on the floor with his rifle and a folded bit of paper between his legs.

The note said Pravinraj had left a message on an application on his cell phone. Officers found on his telephone a long suicide note in which he cleared out his effects to his closest companion and told his sweetheart he adored her.

Examinations uncovered Pravinraj had sent a photo of five projectiles to five of his dearest companions hours before he kicked the bucket, Assistant Superintendent Arun Guruswamy said. A measurable examination of his cell phone likewise discovered he had perused suicide-related sites.


State Coroner Marvin Bay will convey his discoveries on Thursday evening

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