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Auto Insurance In Singapore


What is Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is also known as car insurance. Its to provide some financial protection when there is an accident or your vehicle got stolen. The coverage might includes medical payment, physical damage or even any of the repair charges like towing the vehicle away.

auHow to find the best auto insurance in Singapore?

One might go to Google and search for the answers Might take a look this screenshot (left) There are 2.4 millions results. You might feel a bit confuse on which insurance company to go to. It will also be hard to identify which one suits best.


How do i find my auto insurance?


For the easy way out you can just go to websites like GoBear and compare different insurance plans.

Gobear provides a one stop shop for many of the different brands on the market. Such as : AXA HSBC, AXA CITI, Allied World, China Taiping, Great Eastern, Hong Leong Group, Tenet etc…


gopearHow To Use Go Bear?

Its a simple to use website so dont worry!

Just fill up the details accordingly and click GO! You will be given a list of insurance to choose from!

Best of all GoBear is free!

For more details please visit GoBear