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Beat Pregnant Girlfriend And Refuse To Pay For Checkup

14702239_1721807061477363_5055433084827132618_n_1if my english give you cancer you can forget about reading , im chinese educated one ok. Leong Wei Jie ( weijie jay clarity ) i actually dont want to make it so dramatic but this crazy ex of mine wanted to play trending game with me so lets bring it on . Crazy guy that will beat up his girlfriend one. Because i change a new phone i do not have all screenshot but its okay. i shall post recently one.


If you people want to say why i choose him from the start, well from the start he treat me very good and shower me with flowers , is after i pregnant things start to change. Together with him only 4 months, found out pregnant on second month, now pregnant 3 month. & why i still stick to him after all the nonsense because i dont want my child to be fatherless but now this is over my limit.

1. when i together with you and my ex suddenly call me ask me out for supper and i told my ex i have a bf already & yet you unhappy my ex still call me and you broke up with me . Firstly , i never contact him is he keep contact me ok . I block and delete him everywhere for you.
2. you expect me to change my name because you hate *kylie* this name , if i call kylie one time you will break with me , i call kylie for 6 years how to change within a day?
3. When i hi bye hug( a pat on shoulder nia) with my best guy friend and his gf together you slap me on the spot cause you call that cheating
4. you make me pregnant and want me go for abortion but i dont want , you say you die also wont marry me . Say must DNA prove that is your child then rom , end up pengwei say 3 years then ROM
5.Baby scanning and medical fee you never once fork out any single cent $198+60$+$108 THIS 3 scanning all is i pay , ask you pay you say NO MONEY but got money go manjong , drinking with friends.
6. together with you , you never once pay for my stuff , sometimes still need me to pay for your stuff cause you jealous why my ex can cheat 30k from me
7. Quarrel with me and you go up girl house alone overnight without informing me twice.
8. you dont allow me work nightlife i quit nightlife but even day job i want to work with my guy best friend you also dont allow cause you hate him, hello i pregnant leh not easy find job got people want hired me very good already leh
9. you stalk my twitter and fb inbox until last year when we haven together yet and get angry for nothing
10. whoever you dont like , you expect me block and delete them and ask them fk off right away
11. you delete all my social media account ( fb, twitter, instagram )when social media is my earning platform for sponsorship and my 14k instagram followers permantly .
12. you expect me delete all my guys contact and left my classmate and a few close friend contact less then 20 contacts
13. when im pregnant , your friend got relationship problem i give him advise yet you are unhappy cause his relationship problem makes you remind of my ex and you kick me out of the car middle of the night carrying so many stuff at ulu place bukit timah highway
14. after you kick me out alone at bukit timah highway ( ZIKA INFECTED AREA) , you still can scream at my grandma when my grandma is finding me and go clubbing till morning totally not concern about my safety
15. you always check my phone dont let me bring my phone to the toilet , when i bring my phone to the toilet when bath and shit you threaten to break up with me
16.except for first monthsary , you screw up all my monthsary even a happy monthsary also dont have and show me a angry face the whole day just because you lost your necklace .
17. everytime before my exam and work you will find quarrel with me and make me sleepless night and cry every single day
18. you call me lupsap and say nobody would want me after break up .
19.you come my house never greet my parents and grandparents just because they force you rom you not happy
20. you go up girls house alone and i cannot take it i raise my voice and you threaten to break , walao you in fault you still yaya want break should be i say break what , i cannot take it you say break i wanted slap you & i throw my phone at your face yet you beat me back & make me go hospital cause you punch my eye with your key make me lose my sight for 5 mins
21. together with me , you keep behind my back meet girls dinner , send girls flirtatious message and heartshape emoji and send milktea to your ex date house doorstep ALL WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE
22. tell me you busy working 6pm-9am end up 9pm-3am is playing manjong and go manjong never inform me . got time for manjong no time to accompany me when i waited for him at home 15 hours
23. i just want a dinner with you yet all your replies is ” i eat liao , eat with friends liao , not hungry”
24. i sell laptop at instagram you angry i never inform you and use instragram you threaten to break up with me.
25. one day can say break up to 6 times for nothing
26.you outside spread to your friends say kids not yours and block me everywhere until i cant contact you .
27. i want see your phone yet you scream at me and shout at me when i see your phone , say i dont trust you , wtf dont need scream one right?
28. everyday come home give me attitude treat me like maid and play dota until morning dont even want accompany me ( his accompany me is stay home dota)
29. you never ever admit your wrongs and always insist you are right and everytime is i give in and say sorry when i never did smth wrong
30. you dont allow me go revise with my classmate cause they are males and you dont like them and you make me fail my exam
31. i fail my exam and hide from you yet you say this is cheating cause i hide it from you and threaten break up
32. you dont allow me rant to my friends and post on fb and always want me POST ALL THE STATUS THAT IS BENEFIT TO YOU.
33. your gan mei invite me to her birthday but you never wanted me to go and tell me you go awhile then going work already but end up not working and you go for so long and bring your friend go , why cannot bring me go , i bring you shame meh?
34. tell me busy but got time to play manjong , meet friends for lunch but no time accompany me for lunch
35. you delete all my photographer friends number and block and delete them and ask them dont find me shoot anymore.
36. you dont let me wear wig , if i wear you will threaten break up with me
37. dont let me wear thick make up . then i no make up say i auntie.
38. Your ex (MOON) msg you, you still call her laopo when u don’t even want call me laopo and say haven married zz . I have ur kid leh bro wtf is this

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