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Believed Mistress Of Selina’s Divorced


1917549_973622096037675_2829107493558343794_nTaiwan star Selina from SHE recently divorced case has shed more light on the reason why. A 3rd party 22 year old model was believed by some to be  involved with Selina’s husband. Selina’s ex husband was believe to be keeping her as the mistress. Young and sexy model she is, have sparked a debate on the internet that she might be the cause of the divorce. With a Demon’s body anyone men would go crazy over. And the looks of an angel. I see her nei nei I also will drool for some fresh milk.

 Sorry for my vulgarities di di here itchy.
Anyway, get back to topic. What impact has this woman affected Selina’s marriage. No one will ever know…..
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