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Facebook complaint by Michelle Tew


IMPORTANT WARNING !!! ATTENTION TO ALL PARENTS WHO ALWAYS BRING THEIR CHILDREN TO BISHAN PARK !! We wanted to bring attention to all frequent goers to Bishan Park, especially parents who always bring their children there what happened to our daughter just yesterday evening, 28th May 2017, around 7.30pm on Sunday. This unfortunate unforseen incident deeply tramatized the whole family which can be totally avoided if we exercise enough safety and caution to children.

We brought our daughter and son in our usual trips to Bishan park after dinner to stretch our legs for a walk and scooter at the same time. Around 7.30pm yesterday evening on 28 May 2017, both my kiddos were scootering with their father going towards the direction of the famous MacDonald bridge in Bishan Park.

From the story I got from my girl, she was scootering along reaching the head of the bridge opposite to crossing over to McDonald when she noticed 3 young Indian boys just behind her playing with a fishing rod. She took a moment right at the head of the bridge to stop to look out for the brother and father where they were when she feel a hit right onto her right cheek. It was a metal sharp fishing hook smacked right into her cheek (as you can see very clearly in the photo) where we took at KK hospital A&E last night just before them surgeon operated for close to 30 mins to cut out the “we do not know how long U-Shape” fishing hook”.

For those who fish, you will know that a fishing rod with hook comes with a heavy metal weight (you can see from the last photo) and a small ball right before the turning sharp point for the fishes caught to get stuck to engage and not loosen off. My daughter became the “fish” who got hooked on with the freaking sharp hook and weight smacked right onto her cheeks.


The 3 young boys, eldest around maybe 12-13 years old (wearing glasses), to the youngest seemed to be brothers, were hanging around Bishan Park opposite MacDonald (a high human traffic area) walking and playing with the fishing rod with a long string and metal hook. They were swinging the fishing string with the sharp metal hook and God knows it came right onto my daughter’s face.

Me and her father, with a few help of passersby (there is a man and lady which we would like to thank them very much for shining their phone torchlights for us over her face as we attempted to bite off the nylon fishing string off her face to free her from the fishing rod, which me and my husband were shouting to the young boys not to pull hard as it will tear her face and skin off further.

My husband could not bite off the nylon string with his teeth and I managed to bite 2 strings off in the end. We then rushed my daughter straight to Mt Alvernia A&E which is nearest to us. The doctor on duty mentioned that if he performed on local anasthesia it will be too tramatised for her, but if to perform an open with sedation, they have no op theatre and bed to ward her too and also have to wait for many hours before it can happen. We took the advise of the kind nurse and rushed her to KK children hospital A&E instead. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE TERROR WE FEEL LOOKING AT OUR CHILD STANDING THERE WITH BLOOD WITH A HOOK ON HER FACE !!!

To conclude the long story, we were so focused on our daughter’s well-being that we did not even have the chance or think of taking down any particulars of these 3 young indian boys whom we think are brothers roaming in Bishan Park on Sunday, 28 May 2017 around 7.30pm near the opposite end of MacDonald bridge when the incident occurred.

It will be good to find them or their parents to give them a real stern warning and the consequences that they cannot be playing around on the pedestrians pavement swinging a fishing road with such a dangerous sharp metal hook for GOD don’t know why !!! I do not think they allowed fishing in Bishan Park at all though they are swampy water areas.


Any kind soul who happened to witness the incident, and knew the 3 young indian boys kindly PM me. For those who does not know kindly help to spread the word to warn the public of these young boys as they may be still around the same area doing the same thing !! We as parents will really appreciate a lot due to what happened to our daughter. To find them is not to punish them but at least to let them and their parents know how dangerous acts they are doing to harm the public safety at Bishan Park ! Thank you !

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