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Thursday, February 9, 2023

BEWARE of door to door durian scammer

Some bast**** came to our place today and tried to sell some durians to my wife for $15 per durian, claiming that it was MSW quality. My wife agreed to buy some from them and they started opening up the durians but before she knew it they told her that they had opened up 6 durians (surely these durians in the tupperware look like they came from 6 bloody durians) and wanted to charge her $15 per KG instead of per durian and insisted that she had misheard them. Next, they took out a weighing scale and wanted my wife to pay $385 bloody dollars – that’s 23kg worth of durians! Where is the rest of my durians?! Obviously my wife refused to pay and called me immediately and I followed up by calling the police. The durian bast**** must have sensed that something was wrong and told my wife that they will come back for payment later when the husband is back. Mind you, all this while they were standing outside my door refusing to leave as they had already opened up the durians, with a knife in their hand. I was already in rage mode and was picturing myself smashing the durian shells into their face, but too bad those bast**** never came back for their money or durians. It was then that the police informed me that even his own mother got scammed by these ***holes.


Kudos to these fellas for making the effort to rig their weighing scale and coming up with such a creative scam. Dear family and friends, please take note of this and warn your close ones to stay vigilant and not fall prey to these durian scammers.

Facebook post by Eugene Lau

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