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Sunday, May 22, 2022


I have been dating my bf for a while but there are some points that I just cannot shrug off.


The expectation is that a guy should be at least a head taller than his girlfriend, but this is something that can only happen in my dream. The reason is he is only 2cm taller and not even 175cm, meaning that it feels like he is a sister/pal to me rather than an oppa. He is way too short for a guy and it doesnt give me a strong sense of security. I estimate he is in the lower tier of height range perhaps somewhere between 1.70-1.73m.

In fact, I would like to ask my fella ladies out there who are willing to date shorter guys or even marry them. What do you see in them? Dont you regret it after a while or will make this an issue whenever you start quarreling? There are plenty of bigger fishes out there and I am now starting to regret it.

Before you commentors start bashing me, I will be fair and point out some of his merits along with my concerns.

1. Yes, he is pretty good looking and has a nice heart. He often shows care for cats/dogs and feed them but I find this trait less manly and somewhat gross. A real man should be more aggressive, not like a beta sissy that plays with small animals.


2. He often buys lunch for me and brings it to the secondary school where I am teaching. However, sometimes kaypoh students will come to me and ask “Cher, your boyfriend ah? Legit? Why so short one?”- Not surprising since even my female students are taller than him. This is ridiculously embarassing. I even told my bf not to bring lunch to me but he doesnt get my point… He will just say ” If we are truly in love, we shouldnt care what others say”….. Yeah right you are not the teacher…

3. He will offer to carry the plastic bags whenever we go shopping. The problem is his legs are short so his hands are like in close proximity to the ground, resulting in some long plastic bags being dragged, even though I understand he doesnt mean it. This is pretty unsightly.

4. He is a mathematician and I remembered once he drew me a heart using math equations. This seems romantic to others but lame in my eyes. If he is sincere, he would have drawn the heart by hand, not indulge in these kinds of boring stuff. After all, how can all these math help him in his future prospect? I knew of a few friends already earning big bucks without knowledge of maths.

I do not not wish to elaborate any further because for every merit that I can think of, it is diluted by the negative aspects. They cant even offset his midget stature.

Unfortunately, all the good quality tall guys are already taken by the short girls, otherwise I would have ended this relationship earlier. I do not want my female besties to find out that I broke up, so I will just bear with it for a while.


My message to my fella sisters out there who are currently attached to the shorter guys. It is never too late to back out! Think of your future!

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