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Dating and living together is really different


My boyfriend and I have decided to move in together. We met at work and clicked quickly perhaps because we’re both foreigners. We dated for 1 year now when he proposed to rent an apartment together instead of each renting a room.

Even though that means we’ll be paying  more rent, but the freedom and privacy is worth it.

I am earning 3.6k while him about 4.1k a month. The rent is about 1.8k, utility bills excluded.

I thought it would be fun but it turned out quite disastrous. I realized, wow, living together is magic, it can change a person totally till you couldn’t believe it’s the same guy you dated!


I am more a believer of rewarding myself and enjoying life. I believe in saving a portion (1/3) of your salary and the rest can be freely use (divided between expenses and entertainment). But he believes in saving every penny to the point I feel he is damn stingy.

He actually proposed to limit electricity usage, especially TV time. Fair enough. But it turned out he just plays Switch game on the TV while I am to limit my hours of TV. Everytime he finished his hours of gaming, and I switched out to cable TV mode, he would say things like “TV have been used for a long time already” … You keep using lei, not me! I didn’t even watch a single episode of my drama!

I told him about my unhappiness and he just says Ok ok, he will take note and play lesser but it’s always “awhile more” and “almost clear this stage already”. After I kept reminding him, he got angry and snapped at me for being naggy. I got tired also and just watch dramas on my phone.

When our heater was faulty (water gets hot/cold randomly), he expected the landlord to replace it for us but the contract states that we’re to pay for our replacement or repair for those amount less than a certain amount. And a heater won’t be that expensive. He got super reluctant to change. I said I will contact a plumber but he say he will handle. In the end is asking me to bathe in a certain way he believes the water would stay hot. After his “hack” failed, he started blaming me for bathing too long that’s why the heater spoil. In the end, I contacted a plumber to fix it despite him being unhappy about it.

The same thing happened to his iPhone 7. His phone has been giving him lots of problems for quite a while now. I have asked him to change phone but he always say wait for the latest one to be release. Phone where for latest one? Only have next one. He always get very fed up with his phone because it might hang or crash when he is typing messages (sometimes for work). He keeps hinting me that his phone is down. No way I am going to get him one.


I really never expect him to be so stingy lei. Though We always go on dutch as I never believe in guy paying for everything´╝î But He at least still will buy me gifts and treat me once in a while. And he is quite generous with his friends and my friends when we go out.

Now, he is like, must wait till sales/discount then buy things. Can you imagine we have only one roll of toilet paper left and he still wants to wait see if next week got festive promotion.

I think I need someone to tell me if this is the guy I dated or he is just another person in his skin?

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