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Mediocre S life with bf


I’ve been with my bf for 4 years and are getting married soon. In the course of our rs, we’ve had plenty of overseas trips and staycations together but the number of times we had S is less than 10.

He is in his mid-30s. I was considered pretty active before I met my current bf and have S at least 1-2 times/week with my exes. He said he has had S before with his ex but he does not elaborate much and says he don’t want to bring up the past and he cannot remember it anyway.

In the first year of our rs, I’ve tried many ways of getting him to have S with me but he always rejected my advances and we ended up quarreling a lot over it. He’s not the religious or “waiting for marriage” type of guy either. Eventually in our 2nd year together he finally confessed that he has been rejecting me due to his ‘lil bro’ not being able to get up. I tried talking to him and asked him to seek medical advice but he refused and says he will mediate and it will improve. I gave him space and never pushed him to try to have S with me after that for a whole year.

In the third year it was obvious he is still not improving yet and he did not even try to make any effort in getting intimate with me. Our staycays always end off with 1 peck on the lips and sleep. No making out at all even. Again, I tried to ask him to see a doctor as I don’t think mediation works for him at all seeing how he cannot even get up no matter how I try to give his lil bro a hj and I believe erectile dysfunction is not that easy to fix. I want to help him to fix this issue together but he always brush it off whenever I bring up this topic or he gets angry if I talk about it too much. He says he will seek professional help but he has never put it into action.


We only managed to do the deed a few times and we had to use his morning wood to do it as that’s the only way it gets hard. But it’s like a one try thing whereby he goes in and he cannot come out or else it turns soft immediately. He has never ever finished the job either even if he manages to put his lil bro in.

He is a great guy and takes very good care of me but it is only the S part that is missing from our rs. I have no idea how I can help him with this and I am very afraid that our S life after marriage will be very dull. I love S a lot and have been giving him space and time but I’m really worried.

I know he’s not cheating on me either because I don’t think a guy can control his lil bro to be completely “dead” no matter how I try to make it hard. So I believe even if he does try to go out and cheat, how does another girl make him hard when even I can’t? I don’t make his life hard either by being a difficult gf and we don’t quarrel much nowadays.

So guys. Any advice or suggestions on what I can do? Is the problem with me? Or is there something I do not understand about guys? Pls help. I really miss having mind-blowing S.

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