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Saturday, December 10, 2022


Well, i just got into this job a few weeks ago, it is at the place where my mom works, so i decided why not, and just try it out.


The Boss which is the owner of the place is a rather chill guy at first, but little by little you can start to grasp the true nature of this man.

He said that he is always alone, his family doesnt want to spend a lot of time with him and his wife hates him, literally screams at him in front of other people, even in front of me and my mom.

Anyways, so you can start to picture what type of person this guy is. He is a very domineering guy, likes to control people, even outside of your work hours, he DEMANDS that you solve any type of issue for him, some of them could be completely out of your league, but he doesn’t care, he wants a solution to it, no matter how long it takes, even if you have absolutely no clue how to do what he asks for.

Today, I was working as his driver, usually, i just carry big stacks of paper and rearrange stuff in the inventory, but not today, oh no, this mf wanted a driver today, and now i am his driver for the day.


So i am driving this guy to the bank, he is giving me directions on how to get there. But out of nowhere its “1:00” and a loud bell rings oh no, this guy from giving me instructions just randomly started praying, he lifted his hand up and started praying, then he put his hand on the steering wheel.

For a sec i thought this guy wanted to kill both of us, and to this moment i don’t know what exactly he was trying to do, but it made me lose my concentration and i drove into a bump on the road. Afterwards, my Boss straight up hits me.

Just like that, no hesitation, no display of anger, he was praying and with the hand that he was praying with hit me (quite ironic if you think about it) .

At first i didnt know how to react. I was in shock, i was thinking “did my boss just HIT me?” “What do i do know? Do i just keep driving? I feel bad for driving over the bump fast but it wasnt THAT bad”, so i played it off and laughed. He hit me hard tho. So i followed his directions for the rest of the ride.

And starts explaining to me in a very calm voice why what i did was wrong. So in a turn there was another bump, so i sped a little bit and just to provoke a reaction and he started screaming at me. But now, i defended my self, saying that he was a dumbass for thinking i could avoid the bump. Then he tells me to pull over and at this moment i am ready to throw hands, i have fully processed the situation and said f#ck this job i am out. So i pull over and get out of the car ready to throw hands, but this guy kinda realizes i am 30 years younger and my job is to quite literally carry heavy sh#t all day long. So he instead tells me to get to the passanger seat to “Learn how to properly drive” F#ck this guy.


Eventually we get to the bank and he gets his money, and he drove us back.

I dont know how to feel about this lads. I feel like i did something wrong and that i was punished accordingly, but at the same time i feel its just not right. (btw the van is totally fine)

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