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Employer terminated me after calling me a joke


I’m reflecting and thinking how to change myself in the future.

Yesterday I got into trouble with my boss and resigned on the spot but got terminated first by her.

I joined this company 2 weeks ago and she has been passive-aggressive to me since the interview and signing of the contract. For instance, she would accuse me and then praise me, say something bad then say something positive like “oh I was just joking”.

Was supposed to meet her to collect my stuff but she cancelled out 8am, saying she had an emergency family meeting, then later when I met her, she slipped that she slept more and woke up at 10. She last minute wanted me to come down at 3pm and said she has no other time and I went.


Work From Home To No Need come back

I was supposed to start WFH on friday and we had a call. Then she stated that I can come down on saturday to have an in person session, which frustrated me more as that was not planned. I said ok to come down 8am-1pm the next day

The next day, I overslept. I woke up at 8.15am and texted in the group that I will be there at 10am. She sent a list of texts that I infer are to guilt trip me or show me she is alpha (in which case, she can go f herself with that attitude). I am not sure what she wants me to do since I had apologised and had taken grab and otw. She was going on about how the other employee’s mother is sick and has to go back at 1pm and me being late has inconvenienced them, and how sat is not usually their working day and they specifically came down for me, and then at one point accused me of taking her company as a joke. I was just like …

I lost it and sarcastically replied that if you have a time machine, please let me know, so that I can go back in time and wake myself up when the alarm rang at 6.30 on saturday morning. She said if she had a time machine, she would rethink her decision to hire me. I asked her what she wants me to do now, come back another day? She said no you can uturn back. I said no worries I will come and return my laptop. She asked how and I replied, she deleted her message for all of us. Manipulative but I guess this is normal in the work place.

Anyway I went there and signed the paperwork and she yelled at me raised her voice, she called me a joke and said I do not know how the real world works. She also kept me beyond 3pm as she made me wait 4 hours for her to print the papers. At one point i got up because she was clearly doing it on purpose and said you can send me an ecopy and I will sign it, she chased after me yelling until the lift “where the f are you going, you need to wait and sign it now and here”.

I recommended them to use e services to make it easier for them, she said no I do not know how the world works. Later when I went home she sent me the paper I signed via gmail so it was clearly to mock me. Anyway dumb girl learnt a lot. Also f her once again.


Anyway she asked me what my problem was, I said I have GAD (diagnosed general anxiety disorder) and she is making it worse by triggering me, ever since I joined. I told her it was impossible to work with her and I do not need to come into work and defend myself or prove myself everyday while she plays difficult. She mocked my GAD diagnosis and said I can’t function like this so good luck to me in the next job sarcastically. Towards the end, she kept saying I am a joke.

Empress Dowager Boss

She handed me a letter of termination saying she is firing me for misconduct and no subordination. I told her I resigned first via text, she said she printed it out first so hers counts. I told her I needed to consult someone to check on this and I will come back, she said I needed to submit it right there otherwise we would have a problem. I signed it and left.

I am kind of very hurt by this whole thing. Whether someone has GAD (i have SAD and MJD as well) or not, if someone is getting upset, you shouldn’t make them more upset. And what is the point of bosses who make their coworker life hell, do they want them to quit or is this a strategy to ensure they stay at low position with lower pay or what? Any anyway I wonder why did she hire me in the first place if she felt that way and was reflecting on what I may have done that could have contributed to this. Has anyone been told such things before?

I also unsafe that she has my address, as well as my parents address. Knowing how unstable she is and the accusation and insults, I do not know what she may do. I wish I had not played a part in it and made her angrier, and now am fearful she may do something bad to me.

I also wonder why she called me a joke, is it my looks, the tone/ my voice that makes her not take me seriously? What can I do to be less of a “joke” and how to respond appropriately with such employers?

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