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My younger sister who is16 years old has been stealing from me since we were kids. She also has a habit of stealing from stores.


She has never had any boundaries on what she steals and doesn’t care how important what she steals from someone is and will openly admit to stealing as some kinda brag.

Me and her didn’t have a great childhood and we were neglected, so I’m sure part of her stealing habits stem from a need for attention and this is the way she’s learned to get it. Any time I have found out she’s yet again stolen from me, Ive gotten very annoyed.

Ive definitely gotten more angry then the situation has called for before. She’s stolen everything from me. Growing up she’d steal my birthday money, then sit there and agree with my parents when they accused me of losing my money and being irresponsible.

She admitted this to me a couple of years ago. She’s even gone as far as stealing a locket I got as an inheritance from my great grandmother when she passed before I got disowned from that half of the family.


She has never cared how any of this has hurt me. She’s actually laughed at me for being hurt over her stealing before. Anyways I think that’s enough context.

Here’s the situation: A little while ago a friend of mine stayed the night at my place and I stayed up on my sister’s double-decker bed because unfortunately the only place for him to sleep was my bed, and I didn’t feel it’s fair to make him sleep on my sister’s room nor did he feel comfortable with it.

I threw about half her stuffed animals off the bed so I could sleep and she has a specific order for it so I didn’t bother to put them back and left it for her since she was going to be upset I moved them anyways. I apologized and she got everything rearranged to her liking quickly and it was fine.

She forgave me. A little bit ago I told her he was going to come back and that I was going to sleep on her bunk again. She told me not to touch her stuffed animals. I told her that regardless of that I’m sleeping up there and wanted to let her know.

She said she didn’t care as long as I didn’t touch her stuffed animals. She then said she was still missing one, an owl named Oscar whose description I knew. I sat there for a second before simply saying, “the blue-ish owl that’s mine?”

She got this sheepish smile on her face and avoided eye contact, trying not to laugh, and nodded. She said she wanted to put him back with her other stuffed owls cause “they’re a family”. I was really upset over this, these two owls were a gift from my grandma several years ago and were some of the few good memories I had of this family.

She said I didn’t even notice he was gone so she should be allowed to keep him, an argument she always uses with everything. I flat told her that if I find him back on her bed at any point or find out that she found him and kept him that I will be taking all of her Stitch stuffed animals and burning or throwing them away.

Wrong of me of sweet revenge?

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