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Some of you may have heard about Vogue Car Rental You may or may not heard stories about them but let me tell you my story. (Screenshots below)

On 12/12/17, I decided to rent a car with them. I stated the model of the car, date, time and location to collect the car.

They agreed to the time above without any objection. I was quite happy with the service. Thus, I have paid $100 for the deposit.

On the day when I was suppose to collect the car, they texted me at 1.55am. Telling me that I can only collect the car at 12 noon. I was not pleased at all, I tried to compromise with them and wanted to collect the car latest by 11am. They didn’t replied my text until I asked for a refund. As it was their mistake for not checking earlier whether the car was available.

They wanted to provide us another car but I was not able to go and do the swap on that day itself, as I am working 24 hour shift. Thus, I told them that I would like to collect the car on Saturday instead and waive off $100 from the whole cost.

They tried to arrange the meet up at 10.45am but I told them I would collect it at 11am. As I was only given 15 min to reach the location. I reach the place at 10.50am, waited for them to arrive. But at 11.25am, they were not there. I was already late for work, I didn’t want to rent the vehicle anymore as they didn’t meet the time that was agreed on.

I met one of their colleague at the location, but it was not the car that I rented for. I was already pissed off because they did not do as they have promised. They did not communicate properly and give different information to me. Thus I wanted my deposit back.

After the whole ordeal of waiting for 40min. I told them I have to go to Ubi, they said that they will send the car to Ubi. Here’s the thing, they said that they were already reaching Ubi when I didn’t even specified the location to meet? How can they be otw to Ubi when they do not know the exact location that I will be at? Funny right.

I was already nice to them to collect the car at 11am and here they are trying not to return my deposit back.
Started giving stories that I was the one who has to be blamed, but as you can see from the screenshot. Who do you think that is needed to be blamed?

Funny how on their Facebook page, they said “No refunds for cancellations or rescheduling” (No.10) But they were the one who rescheduled the timing to let me pick up the car. They also said, “if you cancelled based on that, we would have gladly refunded to you. But you see, if I told them I wanted to cancel it. Didn’t it show that there will be no refunds for cancellation?

Seriously though, am I the one to be blamed for their mistake?

$100 may not be a lot, but that money could have been use for other stuff. I would not want to just burn my $100 for their mistake.

For those who read this be aware of this rental company that offer cheap rates, but hidden clauses and penalties.

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