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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Caught In The Act

Cisco Officer Play With Gun, Misfire

A 22-year-old Cisco helper cop professedly discharged his pistol while playing a dangerous game at Tuas Checkpoint on Aug 13 a year ago.Gregory Lai Kar Jun, a Singaporean, then obviously concocted a plan to cover his tracks. He recovered the spent...

Man sets himself on fire at geylang

A man in his 70s set himself on fire with a jar of combustible fluid at a Geylang carpark the previous evening.Witnesses said they had seen him convey the can to the carpark at the intersection of Geylang Lorong...

Guy Tries Protect Amos Yee Get Mock Online

Latest News report: Moron have passed away from moron syndrome, more reports on the idiot's death later tonight.

Who want eat asam with padlock?

"Auntie, i want asam with padlock." WHAT???A netizen was having his at a coffeeshop. While digging in, he heard a "ding" sound from the spoon. Is this the secret ingredient to their delicious assam?The netizen reported to the food seller,...

Singapore Delivery Man Duplicating Credit Cards At Your Door Step!!

This is from a bank friend of mine about door to door delivery scam, please take a bit of time to read it: This scam is actually very cleverly worked out that you will not suspect of anything wrong.The...

Punggol And Sengkang LRT Down

Last Wednesday evening, LRT broke down due to a power failure.Free bus rides was provided to commuters

How Many Employers Have Died In The Hands Of Indonesian Maids?

With recent events and past experiences, a number of maid employers that got murdered is something we all should be aware of. Here is an account of maid related events in Singapore.2019 - Maid slit employers neck and...

14 Year Old Girl Spend Night In Another Guys House, Jealous BF end up in a bloody fight.

Zhang Jin Wei, 19, was irate that his 14-year-former sweetheart had spent the night at the place of another kid, Jiang Ze Xin. A meeting was orchestrated to settle the debate.Be that as it may, Jin Wei wound up...

Amos Yee Get Beaten Up Part 2(Video)

Amos Yee beaten Up Part 2. An ang moh try to stop the gangster but the ah beng dont want to stop. His ah lian girl friend watch them fight.

Singapore Parcel Scam. “Pay admin fee to receive parcel”

Singapore News - 62-year-old lady got a call from a overseas number to say that a package for her had been "confined by outside govt agencies" and she needed to dispatch an "authoritative expense" or "admin fee" of US$5,660 (S$7,800)...

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I work in a bar at Boay Quay, and while it’s often a great place to meet people, it...