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PRC online beauty product scam

Dear SingaporeUncensored,I had signed up for this beauty product online spree and paid about $500 for a facial set,"adding that I never received the goods, prompting me to call the dealer."It was a different woman who picked up my...

Christmas Present Ideas For Budget Singaporeans

First you have to identify who you are buying the present. Remember christmas is the idea of giving and not how expensive the present should be. Male or female?Generally buying presents for the male and female do not differ much unless....

Johor Robber Gets What He Deserved. Quite Brutal? (Video)

A robber was caught in johor bahru. After getting hit a few times. He got tied up with nylon rope. It's not sure what or who he tried to rob.The police arrived shortly after the incident. Always be careful...

Singapore Army comparable to Atas brand Saint Laurent boots

 Dear SingaporeUncensored,I was surfing the net for boots and this is what I found! Atas brand copying the our army to sell nearly 200% more!Both boots look similarĀ and are designed for footwear but one was designed to serve the...

Atas looking FT lady cheat taxi fare and attack taxi driver ” I have alot money” (Video)

This happened at Enggor Street near Springleaf Tower.Lady refuse to pay taxi fare still dare to attack taxi driver.In the video she still said: " I have alot of money".

Johor Bahru Pickpocket From Motorist At Traffic Light!!!!! (Video)

Please be careful when travelling to Malaysia. Always be on the alert. There are countless ways to steal your money. Inform friends and family members to be careful. Please share! Sharing is caring!

Farrer Park Hotel Caught Fire Last Night(Video)

A fire broke has broke out at top of building a high-rise building above Farrer Park MRT station on last night.According to eyewitnesses, the building appeared to be the Park Hotel Farrer Park, which is slated to open in...

Foreign Talent Ang Moh Show His Butt In Middle Of Road(Video)

So this is the kind of people that is coming in to our country? Good job to the people up there.

Fight at St James. Gangster Sia. Police Trying To Stop(Video)

Crowd of people gathered outside St james power house. Looks like a fight and the police are trying to stop them. Not sure how the fight started.Submitted by: Dylan Tan

Who is Kritrada Tabtimphol?

She is a 28 year old millionaire thai model that has made appearance across multiple magazines. Her recent incidents of getting high and crashing her BMW into 8 other cars has got her into hot waters.She has over 200,000...

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A video was uploaded on Facebook depicting 2 groups of men fighting, they were at first seen fighting and...