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Monday, January 17, 2022

Caught My GF Secretly Work Part Time In A DISCO!!!!!

sexy_censoredDear SU,


I am at a lost… After being with this girl for almost 8 months and knowing that this girl was perfect for me i found out from a friend that she has been working part time in a Disco seducing other guys for money.

I found out from a close friend of mine. He told me that he was drinking at XXXX last week and he saw someone that look like my girlfriend working in the disco and sitting on a customer’s lap. But he was not sure it was my girlfriend as she had ultra thick make up. Initially i did not believe my friends words and i decided to go down to the place and check it out with my own eyes.

To my horror, i saw her hugging a guy in the disco and the guy had his hands all over her. The moment she realised that im staring at her she pushed the guy off and run for me. I was disappointed with tears flowing down my face. She grab my hand and said sorry i needed the money to buy stuff. I asked her what could be so important that she needed the money so badly. In my heart i was hoping she would tell me that she had a sick relative that required money for surgery or something.

Guess what she said?


“I want to buy a LV BAG”

I gave her a tight slapped and called a fu*king prostitute. Who knows if she is even sleeping with them. Such a shallow person that can sacrifice herself for material items. Looks like i have been blind for 8 months. In the past you only see foreigners in such discos. Now its common for Singapore girls to work in it for the sake of branded and keeping up with their low intellect retarded friends that only purse a material life.

And sorry it’s not my girlfriend it’s my ex.

Submitted by” Daniel Ang

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