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My (28F) bf (27M) insinuates im high maintenance and it kinda pissed me off. For context , we always go dutch. Even my birthday dinner i paid for it. We normally eat home cooked meals or kopitiam/ food court and probably eat at restaurants once a month. He doesnt buy me flowers or gifts and i dont ever ask for it.


Frankly, i cook and clean ( i wash the toilets too ). On the other hand , he has never washed a toilet in his life. I think im considerably low maintenance already.

When i look at my female friends , most of their bf pay for all their things and never expect them to cook or clean. Most girls i know also get driven around by their partners too.

Tbf , im his first girlfriend. I think he has not seen what kind of high maintenance girls are out there.

Money or time question : his sentence was related to bringing me out and my type of clothes.


Dont worry my bf is a great guy , im just here to rant cause i dont wanna discuss with him while im angry. I also dont like to rant abt my rs to ppl who know him in rl ( my friends & family )

Also, people who said im seeking validation. Would you have said the same thing is the genders were reversed ? The same people would asked me to dump that unappreciative woman LOL

Here are what netizens think:

  • To me, as a girl, high maintainance is probably one of these few things. Drinking BBT or barista coffee everytime you go out. Needing to eat at cafe and restaurants every week. Only buying branded clothes and bags. Doing gelish every month. Taking grab everywhere you go. If going to restaurants on special occasions is high maintenance then he’s either dirt poor or a miser. If he want to prepare a special meal then it’s a different story. If not what does he expect, eat cai png for birthday? I’m sorry but he sounds like he doesn’t even want to maintain a gf.
  • I dont really buy branded clothes or bag ( i have 1 branded bag and wallet ). I rarely take grab and i dont do manicure at all haha. Maintaining a gf is very hard for him.. cause he was single for the most of his life.
  • My bf was single until 30. He’s… not like your bf. It’s definitely not because he was single for so long, and don’t let him use it as an excuse. Btw I never take grab and I don’t have branded bags, only mid tier ones. But I do get gel mani every month, so I consider myself average maintenance fwiw. He cleans my toilet and my dishes, 2 things which I told him I hate doing.
  • Hey, I pay for all these you mentioned for myself but I don’t consider myself high maintenance.
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