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Work dilemma, Need some advice!


I recently started a new job 5 months ago. It’s a “big company” in Europe and recently started operation in Singapore as their Asia hub and has less than 10 employees working.

I’m starting to dread myself going to work everyday. Firstly, when I interviewed for the position, they told me it was a hybrid job and 3 days before I started my first day, they told me I have to be in office everyday.

I was bummed but it is what it is. Then when I started the job, I basically became everyone’s PA and doing administrative things which the position I applied for was not an admin position. Whenever there’s an event or campaign, I’m told to purchase first and expense my claim which I did but they only reimburse back at the end of every month and the reimbursement is not consistence.

Some days it’s within a few days. The longest was a month and a half to reimburse back and it’s not small amount – it’s bout more than a thousand each time expense.


Whenever everyone is out for business, I still need to be in office. Alone all by myself. There’s a lot more to this I could rant and it’ll never end. Basically, I’m not happy at my job. I have no friends here and the work is really miserable.

Im thinking of finding a new job but don’t really know what to say whenever a recruiter or company ask why im leaving my current company despite only being here for less than 6 months.

Can anyone advise if I should stay and push through to see if it’ll get better or should I resign immediately without a job secured first?

Here are what netizens think:

  • No employee should ever outlay for their company especially not in the thousands or even be asked to! If you do continue there, please tell them they need to give you a company credit card and that you will no longer be paying for their expenses. If they don’t pay for it, you can’t buy it…simple as that. Start looking for something better and don’t worry about what recruiters will ask you – just find the best way to tell the truth eg. You are often alone in a small office and you prefer a busier environment or that your skills are more suited to xxx and not an admin based position. Keep working but find a way to get out ASAP.
  • Different people will have different answers… Some value happiness higher than money while some will do whatever it takes for money. What’s your answer?.
  • You can say that your learning has plateaued and you don’t feel constructively challenged .. all the best with your job search
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