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Monday, August 15, 2022

Confession of an ex St Andrew Sec student(bullying)

Hi singaporeundercensored, I used to be a student from St Andrew sec seeing the recent video of the bullying case has opened up painful memories, I can totally feel how the boy felt but due to the lack of social media during my days most of the bullies would get away with it.. 🙁 I felt very helpless as bullying also happened on a daily basis and even when i informed the discipline master he would just brush it off as he feels that they were just joking with me eg after reccess my chair would go missing or my chair would be wet. Tell me how is that playing around?


On top of that my DM told them i told them they were bullying me and it became bad to worse it was the worst period of my life. I went into depression and I had to see a doctor and be on medication for it. Thank fully my Dad was supportive and he transferred me out of the school and i became better.

There was countless of time i wanted to end my life. This has cause my O-Lvl to be affect and eventually i could only go to ITE. But at least from there i managed to pick up my life back. I hope the school would take this case seriously and on a national level make sure that bully shouldnt be a norm in a student life. I hope the boy in the video didn’t have to go through what i did before.

-what don’t kill me made me stronger.

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