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Confession Of Heartbroken NUS student


I was in a relationship for almost three years. Everything was going well until one day she told me that she wants to break up with me. She said I was too clingy and needy when in fact, we only meet once a week and text each other a few times a day. But I didn’t want to break up with her because I truly loved her.


Feeling helpless that she kept rejecting my phone calls, I waited for 4 hours at the void deck of her house only to witness the most devastating moment of my life. She was walking home with another guy, holding hands. She was shocked to see me there and quickly let go of his hand. Looking puzzled, that guy asked her who I was and she mumbled, “my project mate”. I was so hurt that I immediately stormed off.
I was completely crushed. I tried to hold back my tears but I failed miserably. On the train home, I cried uncontrollably while some passengers stared at me like I was a clown. Despite all that, I wished she could apologise and come back to me. Sadly, she didn’t even drop me a single text for the following months. For many months, I was overwhelmed with anger, hate, sorrow and hopelessness. I kept asking myself why she did this to me. Did I do anything wrong? Was I not good enough for her? Has she ever loved me?
The irony was that she still pretended that nothing happened. She continued uploading photos of her and the guy regularly. Once she suddenly dropped me a text and said things were not going well for her. Despite feeling hurt, I still had feelings for her. So, I went out with her when she asked to meet up. She confessed that she got tired of her boyfriend’s childish ways and wants to patch up with me. Although I still had feelings for her, I told myself that it’s time for me to stop letting her take me for granted. So, I politely told her that I wish to remain single for the time being.
Despite making my wishes clear to her, she continued to message me and tell me that she wants me back. Initially I tried to reply her messages but eventually I decided to ignore her messages as I realised that she’s no longer the girl I used to know. After all these while, I realised that she is not worth my time anymore and I could finally move on with my life. Now I am happily attached to the lady of my dreams and I have never felt so happy in my life. Although my ex has hurt me badly, I am still thankful for her for all the beautiful memories and for making me a stronger person.

To my ex, I hope you have found someone who you love and loves you. To all the people who have been hurt, I hope you allow yourself some time to heal. Learn to forgive whoever that hurt you and set yourself free from the past.


Source: NUSwhisper

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