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Crazy Guy Shouting On Mrt,claiming woman is racist


It was a afternoon on a weekday without too many passengers on the sit, a man claiming to be from MediaCorp shouted at a woman on a train that she is racist and goes totally berserk.

The men throw his sunglasses or phone on the seats like he some hong kong movie gangster, and put his dirty legs on the chair. He could possibly be trying to let the woman smell his crotch and perfume the MRT. Moments later when the train reach the next stop he put his leg even higher. The higher the leg the more powerful the smell.

The woman shouted to him “dont spit on me”. By this time the woman could have been fully marinated by him.

One would wonder if she is really racist or is the guy nuts? His hooligan style and uncivilized caveman action have probably made the woman racist. The passengers on the train were all looking at it. One young man tried to stop the guy but did not really make do anything but tap the back of the guy a few times.