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I hate my upstairs neighbors!


I need to get this off my chest before I die from heart attack…. Read only if you have the patience….

I believe some of us hate some of our neighbors… I do and sometimes, I really wish that upstairs neighbor move away out of this planet. No one will welcome them. I am 100% certain of this with their antics. They are a family of 4 – all adults and no kids. Singaporeans and 1st time residents just like my household but with much much worse attitude and behavior as humans.

First off, they bang and knock at random time of the day. The noise sometimes last from few minutes to hours. I usually ignore them but the banging and knocking sometimes went beyond 10.30pm. A couple of times, we went upstairs, trying to get upstairs neighbor to stop. They never open their door but the banging/knocking stopped for a while/for the night. Once, I had enough and wrote a polite note asking them to stop banging/knocking after 10.30pm after they did it after midnight again. Next night, the elder son and mom came down to ring my door and insisted that I was imagining things/accused them, throw my note on the floor. Shortly later, police ring my doorbell and said my neighbor called police on me. I showed my note to the police and they also agreed that it was a polite note and totally non aggressive in nature….

After this, I sent my complaint to HDB with voice recordings. HDB officer came down and said if we want, we can go to mediation. Come on, you want this type of neighbor to be considerate? What a wishful thinking. The banging and knocking did lesson BUT never stop.


Another stuff that irks me few years back. They throw water out of their 11th floor windows in the middle of the night eg 1am/2am. Mind you, they pour out of from the bedroom windows not kitchen windows. I used to open my windows when I sleep in my young adulthood, only to find my items wet from the splashing of DIRTY WATER. Close the windows permanently to prevent spalshing of dirty water but the wee hours of splashing water was too much for me especially from directly above my bedroom. It was too much as I need to work the next day and the opening of the noisy and clumsy opening of windows along splashing water was too much. Once, I called police at 3am because they splashed dirty water again. Guess what? They shifted and splash the water from another bedroom window (above my brother’s bedroom.) This went on for years and only stopped just a few years ago. I am not sure why they stopped this queer habits but my windows are heavily stains from their repetitively splashing of dirty water.

These are not the main straw that made me type this extremely long ranting…. The neighbor upstairs also LOVE to hang WET laundry/dirty rags off the clothes drying area. I usually avoid putting my clothing out. However, my estate is now currently undergoing HIP and our area (upper floors of my column in our block) finally completed the agonizing renovation. Many households like us are mass cleaning out our items/laundries due to renovation dust. I had bought my bedsheets to laundromat to wash but after spending close to 2 hours in dryer, only my quilt is 80% dry so I checked the weather and upstairs and quickly park my quilt out for drying. After 3 hours (towards the evening, I went to check and found a puddle of dirty water forming on my qulit surface. I thought it was the 12 floor as they has full laundry out. Went to the 12 floor household but they informed me that their clothes are almost dried as they started drying their clothes from noon.

I went down to 1st floor to check and again saw my upstairs neighbor having their wet and dripping yellow rags from the racks. Went up to the 11th floor and banged on the door with my wet quilt. Banged repeatedly on the door and was finally met with the younger son who insisted that they do not have any laundry and went to the kitchen to take a DRY BROWN RAG. The sly son said “it was not me” so it seems that I have an invisible neighbor living above me. After fruitless talk with my inconsiderate neighbor, I went to my kitchen window and it was still dripping with water from my upstairs neighbor. I yelled on top of my voice in anger to the my upstairs neighbor as this lying neighbor was still dripping dirty water downwards in DIFFERENT POSITION within the clothing drying rack. I really pity my neighbors below (2 of them had clothing below my unit).

After 10mins, I went to 12 floor neighbors and sincerely apologize for the mistake identity. The house owner pity my story and told me that they can see my upstairs neighbor dripping water with their stuff after I yelled to that inconsiderate neighbor of mine.

Friends ask me to report to TC via OneService. But what can TC do legally? NOTHING!


I seriously wished that harsher penalties will be enforce including confiscation of HDB flats from such inconsiderate neighbors. HDB will only said give notice, give counselling. What about the suffering neighbors?

PS: As at the timing (2.15am) of typing this extremely long article, my neighbor upstairs just dragged something along the floor and grinding something in one of the common bedrooms.

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