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So I’m a 26-year-old girl who works as a healthcare assistant, and I am doing part-time uni, so I work part-time and go to school part-time.


I don’t talk to my neighbours because the ones up front sit out front for hours and invite their family over, and they gossip about me right in front of me when Covid was happening to go, like, where is she going? What was she doing when I was going to get my nursing license?

I’m also irritated because the woman had a boyfriend that harassed me for years. She would constantly invite them back to the apartment. He would sit on the floor and harass me about my not wanting to talk to him. One time he barged into my apartment, and I had to force him out.

I never complained about this stuff. Still, I completely ignored this woman’s Neighbor because her boyfriend harassed me, and I don’t like the neighbours upfront because they’re friends with this neighbour lady. she acts like I’m a complete b*tch because I’m angry.

After all, she would invite a guy that would harass me.

Well, new neighbors move in, and my neighbors tell them that I’m psycho and crazy and not to talk to me. My neighbours are all 40, and I’m like 26 years old. My new neighbours are in their late 20s or something. I’ve never introduced myself or talked to them. I have to pass by their apartment to get to lift or to go to leave the apartment, and their apartment is in my line of vision.

I’ve over them also talking to the family and calling me a creep and saying that I’m looking in their apartment when the apartment window is in my line of vision, walking up the stairs like the apartment window is right in front of me. I have to walk past it to get to my apartment, but they call me creepy because they constantly have their blinds open and say that I look in when I try to look down at my phone.They constantly passive-aggressively close the blinds like I’m trying to peep into their apartment. I’m starting to get irritated by this cause they need to get privacy curtains or something. I honestly want nothing to do with them, and I don’t understand why they have their way open at night.

They gossip about me to the other neighbours and call me weird and shit because I don’t talk to them and try to keep to myself. What am I doing wrong as a neighbor

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