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‘Customer Always Right’


This is a word that is glorified by customers when faced with a conflict with a salesperson.

I can say this is their main weapon to break the seller’s argument when faced with a problem regarding the purchased product.

I used to be a promoter, but not anymore. It’s been two months since I moved to another department and worked behind the scenes even though the salary was not as much as when I was a promoter.

Indeed, a job that involves human affairs is a difficult job that can lead to mental stress.


I’ve been wanting to make this confession for a long time, but it’s always delayed. Today, one of the promoters in my company was insulted and scolded by a customer. The customer’s voice echoed into the office.

And that’s why I’m writing today.

Dear customers, I’m sure everyone reading this is a customer including me.

Please plant in your head that the job of a promoter is to sell. In addition to selling, he also provides knowledge and explanations about a product. There may be promoters who don’t have knowledge, but there are many who have knowledge.

Most companies now provide classes and guidance to their salespeople, especially for new products.

Never look down on promoters, because not all promoters are poorly educated. Many of them have high qualifications and they have their own reasons for choosing this job.


The customer has to remember, not the salesperson who makes a product. All products are from the factory, sent to the supplier or dealer and then sent to the store. Before the promoter opened the box, he didn’t even know what was in the box.

Have to remember, in 10 products there may be one that is damaged. Maybe one is defective.

Not a single salesperson wants to sell a damaged product to a customer. Because of the consequences, the seller is still responsible.

When you buy, the seller does not open the box in front of you, does not test the item in front of you, you do have the right not to pay. But if you yourself don’t want to test it, when you return it suddenly it’s broken, it’s not the seller’s fault.

It’s the same if he has opened it, shows you A to Z about the product and when the product is in the store there is no problem, it’s not the seller’s fault.

He has done his duty well. And when he explains about the product, you have the right to ask him 1001 questions that you don’t know or are confused about.

If the product is damaged at home, please plant it near your head. It’s not the seller’s fault, especially if you’ve been using it for more than a month. Maybe the product has a problem, but the problem appears within a certain period of time after use.

As long as there is a warranty, you do have the right to claim at the store. But remember, not all warranties are fully covered by the store.

There is also a warranty that is borne by the service center, usually large companies have their own service center.

And the warranty also has certain conditions. One thing, the technician is not stupid to judge that the damage comes from the store or the customer. It’s not just your product that has a problem, he has dealt with hundreds of products.

When you take it to the store, please don’t curse the seller. As I said earlier, he himself did not know that the product was problematic.


Out of 10 customers, you might be the unlucky one. It rarely happens, but there are indeed some customers who like to come recklessly and continue to curse the seller in the store.

There is a good seller, he accepts your item back even though the item is under the responsibility of the service center. He himself will deal with the service center.

I just want to say one thing, be grateful. Be grateful that he helped you. Maybe he feels responsible because he is the one who sells the product.

Don’t force the seller to exchange new items or ask for a full refund. Remember, the seller is not a toupee who can take the company’s money at will or hand over new items to you. Same with the store manager, he’s not a tofu.

That’s why the warranty is provided by the store for cases like this. To request a full refund or 1 to 1 replacement from the company, the manager or seller must answer 1001 questions from the superior. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an angelic superior.

Remember, they only have a normal salary. Sometimes the things you buy are more expensive than their salary. Not all graduates are lucky, only graduates can achieve their goals. Many struggles and many run away. Many, too many.

As for the warranty, this happens a lot in my company. When sending the warranty, the customer is usually okay, still chill.

But if you have to wait a long time, start making a fuss near the store. Usually, customers who are too lazy to go to the service center themselves like to do this.

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