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I exposed my dad’s extramarital affair to my mom. Back when I was 18-years-old. I’m (F) the only daughter and just like every other family we are sit around at home and watch TV every now and then.


Ours was a happy family. Everything was perfect until I messed up everything.

I found out that my dad was cheating on my mom. I told my mom about his affair. Now my dad is angry and disappointed in me. My dad is not talking to me. I love my dad so much.

This sentence I said changed my life forever, my father moved out and they divorce soon after. Instead of staying with my whole family, I spend odd days at my mother’s place and even days at my father’s place.

I even tried to beg my mother to forgive my father but it was not going to happen.


Deep down I know my father committed a mistake but now I’m suffering because I exposed him. I should have confronted him first and seen if he will change his ways.

But since everything is out in the open it is impossible to go back in time. But I always wonder what would have happened if I kept quiet. I kind of regret it.

I can’t live my life this way forever. What should I do? This is really urgent please tell me what I should be doing now.

Here are what netizens think:

  • You need to realize the reason the marriage ended was because of your dad. Once you accept that you’ll probably be in a better place to address your dad and confront him. The reason he’s probably ignoring you is guilt. If it’s because he’s upset you told your mom then he’s an even shittier dad than he’s already proven to be.
  • Sorry to say there is no perfection in lies. Your father took that away from your family when he chose to have an affair. As hurtful as it was, you were right to tell your mother. Your father is angry because he fucked up, not you. You have nothing to be sorry for, he does.
  • You didn’t mess anything up, he did. This isn’t your fault, it’s his. He’s throwing blame because it’s easier than taking responsibility. He is disappointed in you? You should be disappointed in him. Instead he has you worried about how this has affected him – the consequences of choices he made. But what about how you and your mom are feeling? He should’ve set a better example for you. He should have valued his wife and family more. This is just a continuation of his self centered thought process, and you don’t need to feed into it. You let him know that when he’s ready to take accountability and act like a father, you’ll be there.
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