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Bosses matter. A good boss is as rare as a unicorn. Having said that though, there is a difference between a tolerable boss and a humanized demon from Hell. Mind you, the effects of a bad boss lingers long after that stint.


I worked at this organization (a third tier statutory board) last year, which I left after 2.5 months, including notice period. My work is not of national or even organization critical success.

Alarm bells went off even during the interview. When I asked about the working culture (it was a panel interview, consisting of my prospective RO aka boss, Deputy Directors, Directors and Deputy CEO), she LITERALLY teared up on Zoom. She said she was “eternally grateful” for the opportunities that Organization X had given her, and she had no regrets staying for the past 7 years, and how this was the best place on Earth.

When I started work, the first 2 weeks were a shock. I specifically mentioned during the interview that I was very weak in Excel (humanities student here – i dont even know how to freeze/unfreeze panes that kind of cui) and thus was this a concern for the position. Interviewers told me that it wasn’t a problem. 2 weeks in and 90% of my work was on Excel. Yes, it wasn’t complicated formulas but it was ALOT of eyeballing data which I wasn’t good at.

At the 2 weeks mark. I was brought into the boardroom (alone with my bitch of an RO) to discuss an Excel prototype that I had used the weekends to develop. Look, I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect but she berated me for “not putting in effort” and having “attitude issues” because the prototype wasn’t up to her standards.


My fingers are hurting now so I will sum up some of the appalling and retarded things this demon spawn did:

  • Not sure about the private sector but in public agencies, usually when your CEO or bosses gives a speech or says something, nobody really comments anything much unless they have a burning question or concern. Or if they are the moderator or something. My RO is the kind of ‘por-fessional’ to raise her fat hands and be like “oh thank you so much for the inspiring speech blah blah blah”.
  • micro-managing me to the extent that she dictates how I should write my dates (i.e. my previous bosses do not have issues with me writing 25th June – but she insists that I write 25 June), paragraph indents, etc. WHAT IN THE FLYING F ITS JUST AN INTERNAL EMAIL.
  • expects me to text her to update on every work related issue. Even on weekends. So this legit happened to me. I was testing out a website system which is owned by a US company, and had sent in a query on Friday (our time). Mind you, it wasn’t urgent. Naturally, due to time difference, when the support team got back it was already on Saturday (our time). So I forwarded the email reply to her email. On monday, she called me to SCOLD ME because I didn’t text her.
  • she legits IMs me after every single email submission. Mostly to scold me.
  • I always had this habit that I disable Whatsapp read statuses and online statuses. Long before I joined this shitty organization. There was once, I was on MC which she knew of. On day 2 of the MC, she asked me if I am well to turn up for an online meeting which she would be presenting. I said I would try, but most likely not. She said ok. Fast forward, I took meds and slept. I woke up to see her text – “Hi wildheart38, were you there at the meeting?”. I didnt reply because I thought it was a stupid question. I mean, if you see my name there means there lah. If no means never go lor. Not a big big meeting also. She went to complain to the directors that I am not responsive -.- AND THE SHOCKER WAS …. SHE ACTUALLY TRACKED WHAT TIME I CAME ONLINE ON WHATSAPP. WHAT IN THE WORLD.
  • when I resigned, she threatened to waive off the notice period. Because “to be fair to the organization”. Until I told her that notice period cannot be waived off unilaterally. I wanted the money actually, and I was resigning without a job offer because I buay tahan already.
  • i guess her ‘por-fessionalism’ worked because the Deputy Directors, Directors and DCEO love her. During my notice period, I made a mistake once and she blasted me in an email that copied all her friends in. And the Whatsapp incident, yup, she complained to her higher-ups (she is always lunching with them). And they set up an IMPROMPTU tele-conference meeting just to officially blast me.
  • workaholic. Sending emails to me at 2-4am while getting back to work again at 7:30am sharp. No need sleep one. She has 2 young kids btw.
  • you know how people separate their lives into 2 main personas right – professional vs personal. Like your boss or colleague may be an absolute asshole at work that you hate working for or working under, but outside of work he or she is actually alright? Nope. Not for her. She once asked me why I didnt just become a teacher, after I told her that I studied Political Science and Sociology. She said Accountancy (her discipline) is the safest career choice. Oh oh, and to her, if you are 30s and still single, there is “something wrong” with you.

Many many more stories. My thumbs are hurting at this juncture. But I have never hated someone more intensely in my life. Turn-over was so damn high too with people lasting only weeks.

I even contemplated casting black magic on her. After I left, she also resigned and got a new job. I really pray for her staff.

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