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Desperate Singapore Man Think He Can Buy Girl Heart With Money

kiss_me_im_desperate_censoredDear Singapore Uncensored,


It was my friend’s birthday last week. This guy i know from another friend told me that he is interested in me. He happen to talk to me and want to have my number. Thinking that he is a nice guy and just want to be friend. I did not think much and gave him my number.

3 days later he started calling me out and asking me for dinner . I decided to just go for the dinner as i have nothing on. While i was waiting for him at Orchard MRT he surprise me from behind and gave me flowers. I was shocked and think that he got the wrong signal from me and he think that its a date.

I go along with the dinner and go to a Italian restaurant with him nearby. He told me to be his girlfriend. I said i do not know him that well. He GOT ANGRY. HE SAID “I HAVE MONEY WHY U DON’T WANT BE WITH ME”.

I was so pissed that i throw my glass of water at him and walked off. He grab my wrist and asked me WHERE I’M GOING. He held on so tight till my hands was swollen. I started to scream. People were staring and he let go. I ran away and took a cab nearby home.


Desperate Loser!!!!! I just hopes he does not stalk me.

Submitted By Esther Lim

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