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Dhoby Gaut New Brothel (New Geylang?)



Stretching from Dhoby Gaut to peace center has many infamous amount of “spas”.

Among the reiteration of spas that offer illicit sexual administrations in Singapore, the private investigatorsĀ assert that these two back rub parlors are the most infamous of the parcel.

This is essentially in view of the quantity of conning cases that have driven PIs to them, say the two agents.

Additionally, one of the spas is as far as anyone knows the biggest “grimy” back rub foundation in Singapore, says veteran PI James Loh from International Investigators.

“Others may have five to 10 young ladies. This one is exceptionally well run and has 20 or more young ladies, so there are more choices for the client,” says Mr Loh, who has gone to both spots four times each for independent examinations.


(source: tnp.sg)