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Drunk FT challenge taxi driver for a fight “U FKING PUS*Y CRY BABY BIT*H

Happen on 6th dec 2016


The whole incident happen who really think he’s is a big f*ck.

Took a call from one 15 degree marina sentosa to 4xx admiralty drive, name Mr Jeff

Pick him up at lobby, saw that he was talking on phone hence I turn the radio slightly softer, he was talking on phone after 20 sec he lie down flat on the back sit. Suddenly he say which way are you going? I didn’t notice so he repeat himself twice, after that he shout hey I’m f*cking talking to you, I was stun and I reply sir if you are talking to me please let me know I thought u are talking on phone so which way u prefer? But he carry on repeating “which way are you going” this is the 3rd time I’m asking, 4th time I’m asking, 5th time I’m asking,i kinda pissed so which fking way do you want me to go? I’m still inside sentosa just merely 30dec drive from pick up point. He wasn’t happy on how I reply him, he started to use more vulgarity till I cannot take it I drive to a nearer bus stop which I can stop and give call centre a call, told call centre that I have a aggressive pax that use vulgar on me and I don’t think I can carry on drive due to safety issue. I told the pax that I will arrange a replacement taxi for him and I will not take him to his place, but he reply I’m not getting down from your taxi I have plenty of time so I can sit here. After call centre heard what he say she advise me to call police. I call the police and get off from my taxi and wait for police to arrive.

Here are the video that I recorded.


I would like to thanks to the police for the assist and comfort call centre supervisor that call me if I’m okay? I don’t really care if this time comfort gonna side the drunkard pax. Throw key is only a matter of time!

do not afraid of abusive pax but do not lay hand on them! Our law will protect them rather than citizen!

Facebook post by Lance Ng


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