Home Cuisines Ever Try Before BBQ Durian?

Ever Try Before BBQ Durian?


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What is Durian? Durian is known as the king of fruits in asia. It has a taste that can be very sweet from younger trees and a thick brandy taste from older trees. Some describe it heavenly while some describe it like rotten eggs. Its something either you hate or love.

13432189_1119821841393951_2078981396184816318_nRecently there have been people trying eat during by putting the food on the barbeque. This enhance the taste of the durian by reducing the amount of moisture in the fruit. Imagine making coffee with less water. This is what you get. Extreme sweetness of the fruit! It also adds a bit of charred taste to it making it 13419008_1119821894727279_5184604649316250047_n  Remember to drink more water after eating durian!.