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I am a 27-year-old woman and I briefly dated a guy in uni. He got really clingy and wouldn’t let me break up with him, and I ended up moving home.


So yearrrs later a few times a year I get social media requests from extra accounts he’s made after I blocked him. I figured it was him but some sleuthing confirmed it.

I just kept not approving those new follow requests and deleting anyone off my social media if I wasn’t sure who they were.

I also found out he got access to my work calendar for a little while by making a fake “client” account. Actual clients of mine can see my availability to book meetings but he was just trying to see when I was working I think.

But I recently moved back to my parents and I joined a hiking group on Facebook and then… Guess who “happened” to be into hiking? I chua sai I saw him and I just left.

I took a picture before I went and I went home to figure out what to do. I didn’t want this guy in my business anymore, he was honestly scaring me, but police can’t really do anything unless an actual crime has happened. And making 15 fake Instagrams and showing up at one hiking group didn’t seem like something they’d take seriously.

So I filed a report anyway but didn’t expect it to go anywhere.

Then I also unblocked him long enough to find his mom’s and dad’s Facebook account. And when I did, i also realized he was engaged to a woman.

I was so angry first that he was being so creepy, then that he was doing that when engaged secretly. So I took my screenshots of 15 Instagram accounts, fake client account, etc… he made and evidence of them being linked to his phone number and sent them to his family and fiancee along with the picture from hiking.

And I said that I dated this man in uni six years ago and multiple times a year he tries to circumvent the fact that I have him blocked on social media by making fake accounts to friend me.

And he showed up where I was at. And I filed a police report and if any of them care about him at all they better talk some sense into him and tell him he best leave me alone because if he kept coming around or trying to con me into giving him access to my life ot where I’m at on social media l would be pursuing it legally.

His parents didn’t answer at first but his fiancee flipped out at me calling me a liar. Then his parents chimed in the group chat saying that they would have a talk with their son but the way I brought this to their attention with a Facebook messenger group was insensitive.

I got frustrated and said that being stalked was insensitive and I would appreciate it if they took this up with their son instead of me.

The three of them blocked me but I haven’t heard a thing from my ex. I don’t know if his family or girl believes me but I’m hoping that the fact that they probably asked him about it scared him straight.

AITA for having put a stop to stalking like this?

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