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A netizen who is an expat working in Singapore, shared how he thinks people who live in HDB are low class, drawing the ire of netizens.


Here is what he said

I am an expat working in Singapore, earning about $25k per month in the banking industry. I live in a condominium in the east side of Singapore where the people and community are very nice.

My girlfriend lives in a HDB in the west side of Singapore, and there were a few times I visited her HDB block to pick her up for lunch.

I see youths smoking at the void decks and throwing their cigarette butts on the floor, and the rubbish bins are always full.

The rubbish chute area is overflowing with rubbish and the pungent smell is everywhere, and cockroaches were crawling everywhere.


Sometimes I take the lift to go up to my girlfriend’s floor and i try to be friendly and smile at the residents inside the lift, and they just stare at me coldly.

I also saw a mother and toddler son at the foot of the HDB block, with the mother helping her child urinate on the grass patch beside the HDB building, under a tree.

My impression of people living in HDB are pretty much negative, and to me they all seem like low class people. But that’s just me and my observations-based prejudices.

My condo is clean, the neighbours are friendly, there is no rubbish smell emanating from anywhere and there are definitely no cockroaches crawling around in public spaces.

Netizen’s comments

Dear sir, with all respect, your opinion on people living in HDB building cannot be anymore wrong. To address some of your points:

  1. it is illegal to smoke in HDB void decks, and the youths that you saw smoking were flagrantly breaking the law. Normally, HDB void decks are smoke free.
  2. The rubbish chute issue that you mentioned is as its name implies, for rubbish. If you can find a rubbish chute that smells nice, I’d be happy to retract this point and give you your due points. Chances are, you haven’t been to the rubbish chute of your own condominium. Why don’t you take a quick trip to your condo’s rubbish chute and get back to me.
  3. You mentioned that the HDB residents are cold to you when you’re inside the lift with them, and compared their attitudes to your condo neighbours. Has it ever occurred to you that you don’t live in that HDB building, and that you are a stranger? Of course people are gonna look at you one kind. Your neighbours are warm and friendly towards you in your condo because you live there and they know you.
  4. It is also illegal to urinate in public, so i guess you get points for your point about the mother helping her child urinate under the block. But public urination is not a problem exclusive to HDB blocks and residents, take a stroll along Singapore’s pubs and bars at night, you will see human-sprinklers easing themselves in alleys, roads and even staircases; sometimes even inside malls.
  5. Please do not generalize all those who live in HDB building with your uneducated views and unmitigated prejudices, it shows how shallow you are as a person.

Editor’s note: Sia lah this netizen who replied the expat deserves a medal or something.

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