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“Fat People Should Pay Double For MRT Fares”



Overheard a group of young men talking on the train about MRT lack of space. The topic they discuss is controversial, some might disagree but… what do you guys think?

Mr A: “The train so squeezy can’t take it”

Mr B:”thanks to all the fat people on the train that take up so much space”

Mr A: “walan eh u cannot say like that la”

Mr B: ” Of course it makes sense, when i rent a flat they charge me how much space i take up and how long im going to stay in the flat before telling me how much my monthly rent is. If i take up more space then of course charge more la then i take longer rent contract i get better price. It’s same as MRT the further you travel your rate gets lower. But they forgot that some fat ass can take up twice the amount of space but paying for the same amount”.

Mr A: “er…..”

Mr B: “and fuck all this aunties for charging in the train like a bulldozer, knn always get step by fat auntie one. Cb the train already so small and pack. One fat auntie charge in for the seat fking smelly lei.”

Mr A: “some of what you said is true la, but the fat people part abit over”

Mr B: “Knn, is the fact!”

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